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Schmid gives health update after tough reserves game

LogoSoundersThe Sounders lost an MLS Reserve League match Sunday, but they also lost three players as well.

Today coach Sigi Schmid gave these health reports, as well as an update on defender Djimi Traore, who was injured in MLS play the week before.

"Andy Rose, it’s a meniscus injury, so he’s having surgery today. So then we’ll see how the recovery line goes: four to six (weeks), three to five, a lot depends on the individual.

"Dyan Remick has got a little bit of an adductor pull. He’s usually pretty quick with his recoveries, but probably out for this weekend for sure. He’s thinking he can be back in two weeks; they’re thinking four, so we’ll see what happens there.

"Tristan Bowen still has concussion-like symptoms, so he’s still going through that protocol.

"(Traore) is just starting into the real functional part of his rehab right now. I think he did some running/walking yesterday and will continue to build on that. So it won’t be before the break … It’s not season-ending. It’s one of those things that we think four to six weeks as well.