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Schmid talks Oba red, team fines, health

Here's more from coach Sigi Schmid today, this time talking mostly about personnel matters.

On the possibility of Obafemi Martins playing in the Open Cup on Wednesday since he is out of MLS action due to red card: No, because we had already agreed on his days off. That to me was still a harsh red card, because I don’t believe anybody truly saw it of the officiating crew. I think it’s one of those where you add up one plus one -- you see a player go down and you see another guy grabbing the ball -- and so you make an assumption he must have hit him. … So I think it was a little bit harsh, but that’s just my feelings.

On if the club considered appealing: We considered appealing, but it was a situation that even the panoramic camera when you zoomed in it was just not a clear-enough figure. And it’s one of those things where you’re guilty. You’re not innocent unless proven guilty, you’re guilty unless you can prove you’re innocent, so we really couldn’t prove innocence off that camera. Again, it was a judgmental thing by the reaction of the officials. You could make an assumption that they really didn’t see it. But that’s back to that one-plus-one equation, and we can’t make that same mistake.

On Schmid's fine from league for Sounders second mass confrontation: One day, hopefully somebody at the league can explain to me how we as coaches can alter that or change that. It’s a very difficult thing. Nobody wants to see mass confrontation on the field. I’m the last guy who wants to see it, and I don’t want to see our team enter into it. But then on the same token, when somebody gets up and starts sprinting at your player, at your teammate, how do you expect other teammates to react? So if they get away, if they pull our teammate away, it’s already the start of mass confrontation. So maybe we need to do what hockey does and everybody just grab somebody and let the two guys beat each other up. Maybe that’s the way we need to go. But I’m having difficulty understanding how we can change that behavior without me going to my players and saying, ‘You can’t stand up for each other.’ It’s a natural thing to stand up for your teammates. Hopefully the league can explain to me how that gets done and then we’ll do it, because I don’t want to see it, the fans don’t want to see it and the players don’t want to be involved. But on the same token, they’re a team and they have to be there for each other, as well.

On injuried players Tristan Bowen and Dylan Remick: Dylan’s making good progress, coming back quicker than we thought. Andy Rose is making good progress, as well. Tristan today was the first day of the ramp-up from the concussion. So he had tried and it didn’t go well, so they had to shut him down again for three or four days. But today everything went well. He’ll do a little more tomorrow: jogging. If he gets through that OK it gets ramped up over five days. But he won’t be available for Wednesday.

On the loans of Josh Ford, Sean Okoli and Aaron Kovar: Josh Ford played one game, the one against Orlando City, which is a tough opponent for them in that league. And Sean Okoli and Kovar got into two games. They both started the second game. Sean started the first game, as well. It was good for them to get some minutes and to get into the rhythm of playing. The report was they did well. The team won two out of the three games.