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PSA coach praises class of Sounders fans

Here's some of what PSA Elite coach Salvador Moran had to say after this club's 5-0 loss to Sounders FC tonight at Starfire:

On the game: We tried to keep the score as close as we could but luck wasn’t on our side this time- three headers, I think three goals on corners. If we could’ve prevented that it would have been a much closer game but it opened up 3-0 in the first half. That wasn’t the plan, maybe 1-0 into halftime was okay, we keep in the race but those two corners killed us.On making it to the fourth round of the Open Cup: It was a great experience for the guys. We’ve got a young team, some in college looking to play, and hopefully they do play pro after college. It’s a great experience and learning experience for them to get the feeling and they think they can play with these guys.

On the atmosphere: Great, it’s a great crowd out here. After the game they applauded us, made us feel good, like we put on a good show. We didn’t come here and cry and ask for calls or dive or kick people. We came here and we gave it our all and showed some professionalism.