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Fredy Montero hopes to return to Sounders

Montero was asked if he hopes one day to return to the club, and his answer came clear and quickly.

"I hope so," he said. "That’s one of my dreams now. I hope to be back playing for the Sounders."

Montero is currently playing for Sporting Portugal, where he recorded a hat trick in his first match and ended as the club's leading goals-scorer. According to reports, he signed a four-and-a-half-year deal there in January.

Here's some more from the five-minute chat:

On his visit: I’m with my family here. This is my second home, and I’m always happy to come here – always. I feel like I have to go say hi to my old teammates, too.

On watching Open Cup match tomorrow at Starfire: I’m going to be here for the Open Cup game. I hope they win. … I’m leaving next week, so this is the only opportunity that I can go. … I hope they win.On memories from his time with the Sounders: Only the good memories. I am that kind of guy, like always laughing and happy not matter what position are we into the game. But I always feel like it’s good to be playing soccer, and when you’re playing soccer you have to be happy because you show what you are into the field.

On if he has followed Sounders season: Oh yes. I still have friends here. For me it’s like always looking back. I care about them, and I know that they can still win the Open Cup this year, or they can still play for the first position and hopefully this year they win the Supporters Shield. Last year they had it close. I always hope for the team getting victories and happy for them because they are doing that right now.

Season in Portugal: It was good. We played 30 games during the season. So I had the opportunity to start 25 for them, or 24; I scored 13 goals, the top leading scorer on my team. I took like three years or four years with Sounders to score a hat trick, and I have my first hat trick in my first game there, so I am happy about that too.