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Hahnemann wanted to make up for first goal

(On the game…) “It’s awesome. I felt like I was at fault for the first goal that I let in, just got wrong-footed by [Steven] Lenhart and he put a good shot and I couldn’t even get after it. It was past me and then you’re sitting there going—the worst thing you can do is try and make up for it. So I didn’t come and chase many crosses and do anything stupid like when I was 22 years old, what I would have done. You have a little bit more experience when you’re 42. We go into the shootout and we’ve been taking penalties for the last three, four weeks and our guys are good. It takes everything I’ve got to try to figure out what they’re doing. They scored all theirs. I touched one. I’m not sure if I touched it after the post or before it, but saved the other one but we go through and it’s an awesome day.” (On winning at Starfire Sports Stadium) “Yeah, it’s awesome. […] The crowd here is awesome. It’s a lot more intimate than CenturyLink. I think we’d all rather be at CenturyLink, but this is a close second. It’s amazing and a good atmosphere.” … I wish they had new turf – I need about six ice bags right now – but other than that it’s pretty good. (On playing the Timbers here next…) “Oh, did they win today? Oh that’ll be nice.” . I wonder if we can sell it out, this place, with the Timbers.

On the moment of victory: “It was pretty awesome. You try not to even think about the score, so when Lamar scored I was like, ‘Is that it? Oh.’ Then Lamar went running back and everyone was sprinting forward. You’re in your own little world, and then you, ‘Oh yeah, that’s it. We’re through.’”