Sounders Insider

Hanauer discusses LA game's move to Monday

Here's general manager Adrian Hanauer's initial response when asked today about the move of the Sounders' home match against the Los Angeles Galaxy from Saturday July 26 to Monday July 28.

We’re not naive. It’s not optimal, we understand, and just sort of a series and sequence of events that led us to Monday night. But largely we have a TV partner in ESPN that we love – they just signed a long-term extension with us. They think this is a huge game: coming out of the World Cup, two big teams, World Cup players. The significance of that was not lost on us. If there had been better days/times to do it and fit all the pieces together we would have. So ultimately we ended up on Monday night. I guess two things to that. There are some sports fans throughout the world who are mad when their team doesn’t get to be on Monday night. So in some ways it’s kind of a cool badge of honor and something to try and hopefully turn a Monday night into a festive night. And we do feel like we’ve done pretty right by our season-ticket holders over the years and that we haven’t stepped too far out of line in terms of their sensitivities in making decisions, so this may be as far out of the over-delivering as we’ve ever gotten. We’re not thrilled about it, but we’re trying to turn a slightly negative into a positive, and our rep service people are in the office helping out anyone who has significant challenges with this game.

On the initial driving force of the move: Saturday is Mariners and Torchlight Parade. So Saturday was going to be a disaster. Saturday just wasn’t going to happen. For sure it wasn’t going to happen on ESPN. Sunday there weren’t any good windows where we would work with ESPN. It ended up on Monday night. And the Galaxy are part of the equation, and the league as well. There were a number of constituents putting their two cents in.

On who started the process of change: The city came to us and said this is not going to work.