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Sigi talks Sounders: Cascadia run, Oba's return, Anibaba on EJ, midfield mix

The Sounders are off the training pitch for another day, and off to the viewing party at CenturyLink Events Center. After the session, he spoke about both. Here's what he had to say about the Soudners:

On Vancouver: They’re going to be a team that’s motivated because I’m sure they haven’t been happy with the last two games they’ve played – they haven’t scored any goals. Coach Robinson will be under them and motivating them and driving them, and that team’s going to be hungry when they play us in that Cascadia Cup match.

On Sounders midfield (without Pineda and Alonso): The battle at midfield is always important because possession is always a big part of the team. And they’re a team that likes to counter, likes to play balls over the top, so you want to make sure that you sort of restrict their ability to do that. … Ozzie and Pineda can’t play, so we’re going to have to make some changes and adjustments. We’re talking through those things right now, but we’ll figure it out.

On Martins' return: It always helps to have Oba back. He puts a lot of pressure on the opponent: his speed is something that stretches the opponent’s defense, which is something that we didn’t get to do too well when we played against D.C. So he always helps us.

On Anibaba-Eddie Johnson matching up at D.C.: We were playing out usual back four, but I said whenever possible you match up with Eddie. He was playing more left of center, and I know Eddie likes to drift right, and when he did drift left I think him and Chad sometimes switches. But I think it was more the thing we emhasised was that if Eddie collected it with his back to goal, just stay on him tight, force him back, and I think Jalil got caught in that situation more times than Chad did and just stayed on him. So maybe it looked like he was going more personal, but he really wasn’t.

On three-game run of Vancouver once and Timbers twice: It’s going to be physical and intense and psychologically very demanding. We just gotta make sure we get our work in this week in practice and are prepared. Those are going to be three tough games in eight days. … We’re going to try to keep doing what we’re doing, which is battling for each other and playing well. We hope the rub of the green stays with us at times, and we’ll be OK.

On 10 point lead in Supporters Shield race: It means nothing right now. It means only something at the end of the year, and we’ll rank them at the end of the year.