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USA's World Cup run comes to an end; timing of Dempsey, Yedlin return uncertain

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Clint Dempsey played all 120 minutes for the USA, while DeAndre Yedlin played 88 minutes in relieve of Fabian Johnson, who went off with a hamstring injury.

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid didn't give much information this morning when asked about their possible return should the USA be eliminated -- Schmid said he hoped they stayed with the national team through the World Cup final.

But in an interview last week, Schmid had said the players would probably fly out of Brazil the day after elimination. However, he also indicated that he would allow the returning players some time to decompress before returning to play with the Sounders.

"Usually FIFA you’re out the next day on a plane," Schmid said. "That’s the way FIFA usually is at all their championships. They pay for everything so they don’t let you hang around. … What happens then, we have to see. We have to see where they are. The World Cup is a very physically draining and emotionally draining experiences. I’ve always felt that players sometimes need a little bit of time just to get back. Not that it’s a vacation, I’m not comparing it to a vacation, but it’s like going on a really nice vacation and then you come back and you’re back to the ho-hum everyday and you just kind of sit there like, ‘Where’s the excitement? Isn’t there supposed to be excitement right now?’ or ‘I’m supposed to be doing something.’ It’s a little bit like that."

Sounds to me like they won't be with the club in Vancouver this weekend, but should make their returns July 13, when the Portland Timbers come into a fully opened CenturyLink Field.