Sounders Insider

Kovar calls weekend MLS debut exciting

On his debut: It was exciting. Obviously it’s great to be part of it anytime the team wins. I think that was the biggest thing, getting on and helping close out a game. I was happy we got the three points. No. 1 team in the league, we’ve got a little cushion at the top: It was an awesome experience.

On reaction from his family: They were all really excited for me. Especially my parents have been so supportive through the whole process. It was nice to kind of share that with them.

On what he thinks gave Sigi Schmid the confidence to play him: I think I’ve been pretty consistent. Work hard and try to do the best I can every training. We’ve had opportunities – Open Cup and reserve games – and I’ve done alright in those.On Schmid's comparison of his skill set to Marco Pappa's: It’s definitely a compliment. Anyone who follows us knows how incredible Marco is. That’s definitely a compliment, and hopefully I can get to be as good and effective a player as he is in this league. Marco is someone I look up to and try to emulate the things he does.

On if the absence of Gonzalo Pineda and Osvaldo Alonso create likely minutes for him Saturday in Vancouver: I have no idea. I’ve learned at this point that trying to think about that stuff never helps. So just one training session at a time. … Do as well as I can in those and then hopefully I’ll get an opportunity this weekend.

On if homegrown DeAndre Yedlin serves as a kind of role model for academy players: Absolutely. I think he’s a great example. He’s kind of the poster child for this academy system and a great friend of mine, and I’m just really happy for him.