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GM says Sounders club and MLS would like to keep Yedlin, but economics will drive decision

"The answer is I don’t know," Hanauer said. "I haven’t even had the chance to talk to DeAndre yet. For sure he’s gotten attention. We’re getting lots of phone calls. DeAndre is going to have a lot of opportunities, and there’s always the potential for a chance of scenery. But we’d like to keep DeAndre here. We would like to keep good young Americans in our league. But again, there are certain realities to our sport, and this issue comes up for every team on the planet. We’re no different. If we can do something good for DeAndre that’s good for our club, then it’s something we’ll consider."

Hanauer was asked if Yedlin's homegrown status -- he's a Seattle guy who came up through the Sounders Academy system -- might affect the club's desire to keep him."It certainly means something to have a local product -- but it’s sort of at the margins," he said. "The economics will likely drive any decision."