Sounders Insider

Zach Scott says Sounders respect Timbers ... and want to beat them twice

On facing the Timbers twice: It’s exciting. I think we’re all really looking forward to it. Portland games are always really intense. So getting two of them in a week is going to be that much better. We all love playing those rivalry games.

On if it will be tough getting up for a rival twice: I don’t think so. I think everybody gets up for it. Especially playing both of them at home, it’s very easy to get up for these games.

On grudges carrying over to the second game: I don’t think it will boil over or anything. We’re all professionals. We all want to do the best for our team. Nobody is going to go out there and do anything stupid. We respect the Timbers and what they’re done in their short time in MLS. We look forward to getting two positive results – that’s the most important thing. We want to advance in the Open Cup and we want to continue to rack up points and distance ourselves from everybody else in the Supporters Shield race.On a possible sweep: It’s tough to get two wins against the same team twice in a row, and it’s even tougher when they’re both huge rivals like this. The Open Cup, it’s looking for a chance to get into the semifinals and a chance to win another trophy. And like I said, in league play we’ve got to continue to get maximum points at home. There’s going to be a point when we’re playing a lot of games on the road toward the end of the season. These home games are that much more important.

On Timbers' Will Johnson saying Open Cup maybe more important than regular season match: I think it’s just a matter of circumstances. When you play at Starfire, it’s such a small field, it’s an intense and a fast game – probably a little faster than when you play at CenturyLink or even when you play down in Portland – just because the field’s so small and bouncy. In that regards, yeah, it might be a little more intense. But we’re really looking at it as an opportunity to start getting some guys back who were suspended or injured, and getting them into the rhythm of playing again. And then there is a quick turnaround for the weekend, so we can’t put out a full starting lineup for both of those games.