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Schmid talks Brad Evans health -- and position

"Brad – and with Leo (Gonzalez), it’s the same thing – we’re just going to move forward slowly. The MRI came back on Brad and confirmed what we thought it was. I don’t know the technical term … just a capsule-type injury in the upper calf muscle. So there’s no need to rush them for this week. We want to make sure we progress them. They’re both feeling better, but they’re both going to take it at less of a pace than if we had a league game on Saturday. ... (Defender Djimi Traore) was all right. We were only planning for him to do the warmup and possession, and he felt all right, so he went through more."

Schmid was asked Evans' most useful position on a fully healthy Sounders team.

"I don’t know," he said. "I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now I think we have a number of guys who can start. There always seems to be some guys who are out injured, so we sort of make it work. Brad’s been our little piece that sometimes drops in at different places, because he has his ability. That’s not to take away and say, ‘Well, this isn’t his best position, and that’s his best position.’ But he can impact the game in a number of different places. Even in Vancouver in the game we lost, I thought him and Michael Ariza did a pretty good job at times. We were just at the end of the day, we were missing maybe a little bit of connectivity up front and that hurt us a little bit. But I’ll worry about that (later). You think about that now, and by the time two weeks happen something changes, and it changes the whole thought process. So we’ll worry about that a whole lot later."