Sounders Insider

Schedule shifts from oddly empty to full

The Sounders' schedule is in transition, moving from a slow move out of the World Cup break and into a busy stretch when the Sounders will play four league games from Monday to Aug. 16, with an Open Cup match mixed in and -- for five Sounders -- the MLS All-Star game.

"It’s been sort of a strange rhythm, but beginning with the game against LA on Monday, it’s going to be a hectic August for us for sure," coach Sigi Schmid said today. "Again, like I say, guys enjoy games more than they enjoy training with me, so I think they’re goong to be happier to know that we have more games. And I think luckily Remick is starting to come around, and Rose was able to train and be a neutral today for the first time. Djimi Traore we got into the game as well, so he’s coming back. If all those guys are back then our depth is good enough where we can handle that."

More from Schmid on the Galaxy game, which was moved from Saturday to Monday:

Training) We’ve got real Monday night football. People have to come to CenturyLink to watch real Monday night football. It’s going to be great. I think it’s going to be great for our fans because it’s going to be something unique that can be special. There hasn’t been a Monday night game – I don’t think – in the league. Who knows? Maybe Monday night becomes a great night for us. As far as the team and the training rhythm, we’ve tried to take that into account as we made our schedule for this week. Yeah, it alters it a little bit. It alters it a little bit more going into the San Jose game the week after. It’s there. We’d rather play on Monday night. I think the other option was to play Sunday morning at 11. We didn’t think that was a very good option. I’m excited to have Monday night football.

And more from Schmid on the Galaxy:

"The Galaxy is a good team. I think they’re playing very well right now. They’re very confident. I think they’ve only lost one out of their last eight. When you have Robbie Keane, you have Landon Donovan, you’re always going to be dangerous. Zardes has come into goal-scoring form lately, so it’s going to be a good challenge for us. They’re a team that knows they have games in hand, and so they want to try to get points and catch up, and we want to keep getting points. We’re playing at home, so it’s a good measuring stick for us, and I’m sure a good measuring stick for them as well."