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Seafair: Dempseys love being part of the community ... and hopes to extend stay

Here's some of what they had to say (stuff specific to the LA match on Monday will be added in a new post later:

DEMPSEY:On the Seafair honor) I’ve heard that it’s a parade that has a lot of history, that the community gets really up for and is excited about. Seattle showed us a lot of love, so we want to show love back. Being a part of the Sounders or also with the U.S. team the support when we had a World Cup qualifier here from the community is something we can give back to the community and look forward to do that. Me and DeAndre and our families are excited about being a part of it. ... The community has showed us a lot of love, so it’s always good to show love back and be a part of that. Looking forward to the occasion and learning more about it, and … I’m sure that (Yedlin and I will) talk about it.

On his family being excited about the parade: Come August I’ll be here a year. Anytime you can be involved in the stuff of the community you feel more a part of that community. I have three kids and two or them are involved in the school system. Being able to live here with my family, have them in the schools here, be a part of some to the things that we do here in the community, you feel more attached, more involved, more a part of it. My family loves it here. We want to stay here as long as possible. But we also look forward to at least two more years after this season of being here and hopefully more.

On if he's ever been in a parade: I’ve never been a part of a parade, but my sisters, they were always like in twirling and stuff and they would do a little twirl thing as they were walking down the streets in like Nacogdoches I remember as a kid going and watching them perform. I had an older brother and also my sisters, they were involved in 4-H, and show steers and stuff growing up. That was part of the parade as well – not liking walking with cows and pigs down the streets – but being part of the group. I had good memories as a kid of that. So I’m looking forward to seeing what this fair will be like. I’m sure it’s bigger than Nacogdoches, but it was fun.

On if he'd rather be grand marshal or ride with the Blue Angels: I’d rather be on the ground. I don’t like flying too much, even though in this profession we do a lot of traveling. I think Kasey Keller before has done the Blue Angeles thing, and I think he got a little sick, and if he’s getting sick doing that then I’m for sure getting sick.

YEDLINOn transfer rumors: I’m not really paying attention to them to be honest. I’m just keeping my mind on Seattle.

On Seafair parade: It’s huge. I’m a Seattle kid, so anytime I can take part in a Seattle event like this, it’s great for me. I went as a kid, so it will be exciting now to be in the parade and see what it’s like from that point of view.

On Seafair memories: I think the best one is the Blue Angels. And now they’re back, so I’m definitely excited for that. And obviously the hydro boats or whatever they’re called. We’re actually good family friends with the Obertos and they sponsor that, so we always were out there with them, so that was always fun. But just hanging out with family and being in my favorite city.

On where this ranks among his career honors: It definitely ranks pretty high. It’s awesome. Like I said before, I’m a Seattle boy, so anytime I can take part in something this great – throwing the first pitch in the Mariners game, or whatever – I love it.

On noticing a rise in his celebrity since World Cup: It definitely has. I expected that. I think anybody who would have played on the World Cup team would have got that. I’m doing pretty well with it. I like to see everybody come out, it’s nice to see people look at me in that way. I think it’s pretty cool, because I know when I was a little kid I looked at a lot of other people in that way, so it’s cool to be on the other end of that. I’m having a good time with it, enjoying the ride.

On if there's a downside: At times when you’re with your family, or you’re having a bad day or something, it can be hard to put on a smile for some people. But at the end of the day you have to put yourself in their shoes, and it’s not a bad life that I’m living right now, you know what I mean? I just try to take myself out of whatever negative thoughts that I have, just put myself in their shoes and then its fine.

SCHMIDOn if MLS players are treated more like celebrities in Seattle than in other MLS cities: I don’t think I’ve ever coached a parade grand marshal before, so having two on the team at the same time is going to be unique and special. It’s just the community and the recognition within the community. And I think the Sounders are for sure appreciated in our community. We have fans that are very supportive and they’re well recognized in the community, so I think we’re maybe a greater part of the sports fabric in this city than sometimes in LA (where) you feel like even though the Galaxy has done well and has a lot of notoriety to it, sometimes you feel you get lost in the fabric between the Dodgers and the Lakers and the Kings and all that other stuff. Here, I think the Sounders are very integrated into the fabric of sports in this city.