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Personnel updates mostly upbeat as LA nears

On the training session: Good. Obviously It’s a long wait from our last game on Saturday to our next game on Monday, but I thought the guys have put in a good week of training and we accomplished what we wanted to accomplish. We’ve got a ton of games coming up in the next month to 10 days and it was good to get some training in.

On health improvements: Evans is getting better. Rose trained all out again today, so there wasn’t an issue. Leo was in full training today. Djimi had a little bit of a setback, but we think it was very minor so he should be all right as well. Eveybody’s making progress forward. Remick trained fully as well.

On which of those could be available for the Galaxy: All of them with the exception of maybe Evans.On the waiver decision on rookie midfielder Fabio Pereira: It was just a situation where roster-wise we wanted to come with Aaron Long. Fabio is a good player and had a good four or five months with us. We thought for his continued development he needed to get games, and Aaron Long was a player that was available and a guy I had seen before an had an interest in. We brought him in to train, we’re happy with his training and decided to hold onto him.