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Sounders explain those Starfire barricades; GM stresses still "a team of our community"

Here is what general manager Adrian Hanauer said about the decision:

"We have a big game Monday, obviously. We have a meeting that we do the day before every game. We wanted to make certain that the players were able to make it into the meeting on time. They obviously signed a bunch of autographs on the way in anyway, but (Saturday) it was a little bit out of control, and guys couldn’t even move. So we wanted to provide a little bit of guidance for them and allow them to get into the locker room safely and on time.

"We haven’t changed our DNA one iota, which is that we’re a team of our community and of our fans, and we want to do as much for our fans and with our fans as possible, and that includes signing a lot of autographs. But there are certain realities to the responsibilities of being a professional athlete aside from signing autographs. And I think most fans will understand if we put the focus on winning the game Monday."

Hanauer said the club will assess how the barricades accomplished their mission today before determining when or if they will be used again.