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The morning after: Schmid reviews 3-0 result

Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say after training today, a light day back after the Sounders' 3-0 loss to the Galaxy on Monday:

We just wanted to talk a little bit about our feelings, our thoughts about last night. For us, situations like that I always say they have to be speed bumps, they’re not detours. We know that we didn’t play well last night, and we’ll come out against San Jose ready to play well on Saturday.

On the team's previous ability to bounce back: It’s encouraging, but you don’t want to have defeats like that. You’ve always got to be a tough team to beat. Every time you step on the field you’ve got to have that mentality. The D.C. game is a good example where we won at D.C. We didn’t maybe play the best soccer in that game, but we were a tough team to beat. And so sometimes the soccer is going to click or not click due to one thing or another, but you’ve still got to be a tough team to beat.

On goals before San Jose this weekend: Just make sure that our guys are ready, that they understand what we want to accomplish in the game, that we improve upon the things that we didn’t do well against the Galaxy, and that we’re fresh and ready to go.

On Chad Marshall's back injury: I haven’t heard yet on Marshall. I should have some information when I get inside. But we need to get tighter on people, we were too loose. When Robbie Keane dropped into midfield there was nobody within 10 yards of him. And so we need to be tighter. We need to be more aggressive defensively and we need to be sure that we step up on people and also run with people. All those things are things the team’s aware of. The team knows.

On improvement in the second half: I think in the second half, yeah, we played better. But also the Galaxy put in a big effort in the first half, so they fatigued a little bit in the second half. It’s tough for teams to stifle us, it’s tough for them to play 90 minutes in that manner. So in the second half things always open up a little bit more for us. But we can play better than we played.

On the return of left back Dylan Remick: I thought he did all right. It’s tough when you’ve been out that long and you really haven’t gotten any real game time, per se. With the injury that he had, and training doesn’t really replicate games. And so that was a big game to get thrown into. He looked a little rusty at times, and just as to when to get tight to people. But as the game went on, I thought he played better. At the end of the game we switched to three in the back. That’s one of the reasons that we took him out.

On the value to Remick going forward: Every game is a learning experience. You learn when you play well, and you learn when you play poorly, you learn when you play middle of the road. Each game, if you’re a student of the game you want to get better, each game becomes a learning experience for you.

Health update on left back Leo Gonzalez: Leo is doing OK. He got through the full training today. He got through training at the end of last week, so our expectation is that Leo should be able to go this weekend.

On the attack through midfield vs. Galaxy: Our midfielders need options, and the options have to be more than just Clint and Oba. So we resorted to long balls. There’s a difference between playing long balls and playing balls in behind the defense and stretching the defense. We didn’t stretch the defense, so we ended up playing long balls. We need maybe a little more activity from our wide guys so they can be maybe a little more involved in the combination plays moving forward. That got better in the second half. I thought Barrett helped us a little bit with that because Lamar was struggling with the ankle.