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Hahnemann still sky high after Blue Angels flight

Sounders goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann flew with the Blue Angeles on Wednesday as part of the Seafare celebrations, and apparently had a great time, despite passing out at the end.

Here's how he told it today:

"It was amazing. When (a Sounders official) told me I was going, I still didn’t really believe him. … It’s one of those thing: I’ve been dreaming about going with the Blue Angels since I was a little kid. And then you get your pilot’s license and it’s one of those things where you think, OK, you want to go flying. But that’s the ultimate. … It was awesome. We were going around and doing stuff. I’ve been in acrobatic planes before, so I’m used to G-force a little bit. He kept pushing and pushing and pushing. We did 7.6-G out over the Olympic Mountains. He was just amazed. I go, ‘Yeah, let’s keep going.’ A few times you could see the tunnel vision start happening on some of these steep climb outs we were doing. … Rolls and everything spinning, and it’s just such an amazing feeling. We were out for 45 minutes, and we came back and he got me when he through in the carrier break at the end, and (I was) just completely out. I didn’t think he was going to get me. I just relaxed a little bit – wasn’t clinching my butt tight enough, and there you go."