Sounders Insider

Sounders impressed with 49ers' Levi's Stadium, which they will help open on Saturday

Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say afterward:

First impressions: Obviously it’s nice. It’s an NFL-style stadium. They’re still working out, I’m sure, the kinks outside and all the construction’s not done. But certainly the surface is very, very good. That’s what we’re mainly concerned about. It looks very nice.

Challenges of playing in a stadium for the first time: There’s just challenges when you’re playing in a stadium for the first time, just all your players get used to it. Every stadium has a little different of a feel to it. Sometimes the width of the field isn’t as much as how it feels when you’re out there. Some stadiums have the same width, but they feel wider, or they feel narrow. So it takes you maybe 10 or 15 minutes to get used to the confines of the stadium.Comparing Levi's Stadium to the Quakes usual home, 11,500-seat Buck Shaw Stadium on the Santa Clara University campus: It’s a little bit bigger than Buck Shaw for sure. The only resemblance to Buck Shaw is that it’s in Santa Clara, that’s about it.