Sounders Insider

Schmid sees improvement in 1-0 loss

Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say tonight after the Sounders' 1-0 loss at San Jose:

Overview: Obviously disappointed because I thought we had more of the game, in the first half especially I thought the goal came against the run of play. For us in the first half. Disappointed in the protection of players like Dempsey and Obafemi Martins. I don't know what happened to repetitive fouling. I thought repetitive fouling used to be a yellow card, even it it was different people. Dempsey, the first time he got nailed was a minute into the game, and nothing was done. Then he got nailed off the ball. Then what happens is things escalate and we have to be tougher with Wondolowski and then he ends up taking some fouls, so our guys probably deserved some fouls as well. But I thought we created chances against in the second half. I thought maybe at the beginning of the second half they had a little more of the game, but I thought after that -- especially when we switched into a 3-5-2, but even before then we had some good looks. ... I can’t be displeased. I thought we played much better than we played on Monday. I thought we created csome hances. We gave up a bad goal because it was a counter against the run of play, and we could never get one back.

On the stadium: The atmosphere was good, the stadium was good, the field was good. …

On losing consecutive games for the first time: It’s a streaky league. We’ve been on pretty good streaks. We really haven’t had a bad streak yet. So for us, right now, maybe this is our bad streak and we’ve just got to make sure we get out of it quickly, and I think we have the talent and the ability to get out of it.

On his four Sounders in the All-Star game Wednesday: I hope they don’t have to play more than 45 minutes because starting Sunday we start a string of five games in 14 days, so I don’t need them to start that string now. I don’t need them to play seven games in 20 days. Hopefully they’ll all play a half and they’ve got enough offensive subs where that should be possible. It’s an All-Star game, it’s not a game to determine whether our league is better than Bayern Munich. It’s an All-Star game.

On the offense: It’s tough. Obviouisly teams are concentrating on Clint and Oba and they’re closing the middle. And then when we do get turns and looks we get fouled, and sometimes the foul gets called and sometimes the foul doesn’t get called. But it disrupts your rhythm and makes it a little more difficult to play.