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Rivals or MLS brothers? Seattle All-Stars curious how they'll be received in Portland

AllStar14Portland isn't generally real welcoming to Seattle Sounders, as you may have heard. But this week, Sounders Clint Dempsey, Obafemi Martins, DeAndre Yedlin and Osvaldo Alonso are in the Rose City as MLS All-Stars, and therefore will play alongside Portland Timbers and other MLS Stars united against Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

Last week, they looked ahead to their time in Portland and how they will be received here.

ALONSOI don’t know. It’s going to be in Portland, but I have to do my game. Play against big team. Do our job. ... You have to meet with the other players from the other teams. It’s a couple of days training and go against a big team. … Now you have to be a teammate. Now we go to Portland and play together.

YEDLINWe’ll have to see the kind of reception we get. I don’t guess they’re too happy that we have five players on the team. But at the end of the day, we’re representing the league, so hopefully they’ll be excited for us, but obviously there’s still going to be a little bit of hatred there.