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MLS All-Star Game tonight at 6:30 PT

AllStar14The MLS All-Stars, including Sounders Clint Dempsey, DeAndre Yedlin, Obafemi Martins and Osvaldo Alonso -- will meet German power Bayern Munich tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Providence Park in Portland. The game will be shown on ESPN2.

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Below a few of quotes from this week that I somehow never fit into stories or onto the blog:

Dempsey on the match: For them it’s a preseason game. I’m sure they’ll take it seriously, but it’s still a different type of game for them than it would be playing in the league, probably. For us it’s a difficult one because we haven’t all played together. And when you have two days to try to get on the same page, and Caleb has to figure a way to balance the minutes for everybody, so it’s kind of an interesting setup, I would say. But it’s exciting to play against those type of players. They’re world class and it’s always good to see what that’s like for some of the young guys who haven’t had the opportunity to play against those type of players.

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid on what conclusions fans can draw from the best MLS players meeting one of the world's great club: I think people have to be smart enough not to draw conclusions. If you draw conclusions from some of the games that have been going on with the internationals then you’re going to draw the conclusion that Manchester City isn’t a very good team because they haven’t gotten the results. They’re in an exhibition mode. And same with: Bayern Munich against Chivas wasn’t a real scintillating game because they’re in preseason. Again, I think we make too much out of it. It’s a nice event. It’s a nice event for the sponsors, everybody gets excited and everybody likes the parties that get thrown there. But in terms of the game, it’s a game, and hopefully it gets played like and All-Star game and nobody’s going to get hurt and nobody ends up playing too many minutes.

LA Galaxy's Landon Donovan on MLS All-Stars facing Bayern Munich: I think we’ve learned over the years that the times when we do things right, and work and defend like a real game we get good results. And when we don’t we get beat – and especially when you’re playing a team like Bayern Munich. You’ve got to be careful in not taking it easy. We’re going to approach it like a real game. … I think this year I’m realizing more than ever how important this is. I came into the airport last night, and there’s tangible excitement. You can feel the energy in this place, and that’s really cool. We haven’t always had that. Last year was the same in Kansas City. It’s become I think the league’s signature event – that and MLS Cup – and it makes for a very fun week for us. Now this is a game that guys really enjoy coming to and enjoy being a part of.