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Yedlin in Europe as Sounders work on transfer deal; expected back Sunday & rest of season

DeAndre is overseas. Obviously we’re not going to give out a lot of detail. He’s visiting with a big club in Europe. Certainly we’re working towards a potential transaction. We expect DeAndre to be back for our game Sunday, and for the rest of the season. And certainly we would announce anything in its entirely if and when it comes to fruition.

How close of MLS transfer window affects deal: It won’t. This will be a deal where he won’t be immediately transferred and loaned back. It would be a deal that was constructed in a way that potentionally he could be here through the end of the year, potentially longer.

Immediate benefits of allocation money etc.: It could, although we have a decent amount of allocation money right now. This is potentially a long-term move, not a short-term one.

Other moves? If in fact we get this one over the finish line, it will have no bearing on our moves today. We’ve been looking and exploring possible transactions through this transfer window, and there’ still plenty of opportunity either through out-of-contract players or trades within the league. We’re still trying to strengthen the roster, but the DeAndre situation is completely unrelated.How this has developed since Yedlin return from World Cup: This is sort of the world we live in in our sport. Interest comes in on players all the time. Sometimes it’s more serious than others. We feel like we’re a pretty good communicating organization, so we have a good relationship with DeAndre’s representation. We have good relationships with the league and clubs around the world. And as long as the right information is being communicated and everybody’s on the same page, things go pretty smoothly. We feel like that’s been the case here. Certainly for a young man like DeAndre – just 21 – this is a big, big time in his life – and certainly he might have a different perspective to mine in this – but I think our club does a pretty good job of staying pretty even-keeled and just kind of taking it as it comes.

Coach SIGI SCHMIDWhen asked where Yedlin is) DeAndre is overseas right now, and Adrian can give you those details.

On trading away David Estrada) It opens up a roster spot for us, and a little bit of cap room so we can maybe do something.

On depth at right back beyond Yedlin) We have different options there. Evans obviously can play there. Anibaba’s played there, as well. Azira played there a lot in preseason for us. I think we have a number of different options there.