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Dynamo laments "a couple of mistakes"

Here's some of what the Houston Dynamo had to say tonight after their 2-0 loss to Seattle:

Coach Dominic KinnearOn the game and his team’s performance: “We made a couple of mistakes and little bit of luck goes their way, and there you have it. I thought it was a pretty even game. I thought we looked real good in the first half. They came with a good push of energy in the second half, but I thought we looked good. It just takes a little deflection to swing the momentum greatly in their way.” On the penalty and PK that led to the Sounders’ first goal: “The incident, I couldn’t… It was such a scramble, I couldn’t see it. The kicks was just… what you see is what it is.” On whether there are any positives he takes away: “When you lose 2-0, um, no. I thought we played well, but that only gets you so far.” On whether he feels the road to the playoffs this season is more difficult than in previous years: “It’s always difficult. I think every year is the same, trying to get there. It’s hard, and once you get there, it’s what you do. That little spell of games without a win has put us in a hole, so we have to start winning some games if we want to make the playoffs.” On Beasley’s and Guarino’s performances: “I thought they were good tonight. I thought they both looked good tonight. I think they’ve been good the two games they’ve played for us. They’ve been good additions to the team.” On what he hopes they bring the team before the end of the season: “Well, good play, quality, depth, experience, and some good energy.” On whether he’s hopeful of making the playoffs: “[laughs] What kind of question is that? Really? Yeah, we always want to make the playoffs.” Midfielder Brad DavisOn adjusting back to MLS after the World Cup: No I don’t think so. The game’s the game. I’ve been playing with these guys for nine years I think it is. These guys are like my brothers you know so I’m excited to get back, try and help the team and get back integrated to MLS. That was fun, unbelievable –it was the highlight of my career without a doubt but I hold onto memories and I’ll hold onto them for a long time but you’ve got to be able to come back and tune in and try and get your mind right to try and help your team again. On knowing if you’d be playing with DaMarcus Beasley while with him in Brazil: No, I had no idea; pleasant surprise though. Everybody knows the quality that he has and what he’s going to bring to our team for the next few years so we’re excited to have him for sure. On the difficulty with the field: You know astro turf is never good to play on I think if you ask anybody around the league. I think as players we don’t like it but both teams have to play on it so it’s an even playing field so it’s not ideal, not something that we want or necessarily look forward to but it is what it is. On no road team winning in this series in 13 games: I don’t know, couldn’t really tell you. I can tell you that Seattle’s got a good squad. We’ve come here and we’ve played some good games and been unfortunate not to walk away with points. If you look at tonight we had an opportunity with the penalty that I missed in the first half. I had an opportunity to put my team up 1-0. We’re playing well; we’re getting good opportunities on the road. It’s just things like that. We had a few other opportunities to score some goals and unfortunately we didn’t. The game was wide open and they score off a deflection and then they get a penalty and convert it. So it’s not like we were played off the park by any means or anything. I think it was back and forth, wide open game and we were just unable to take our chances. Goalkeeper Tally HallOn playing near home: It’s always fun to come home in the area you grew up, looking at the landmarks. Coming here in August – it’s a beautiful time of the year so it’s fun but it’s unfortunate that we played really well – credit to Stefan Frei making a great save on the penalty and but I thought we came here and played really well. I think we’re unlucky to come away with a loss. On the playing field: It’s turf so it’s never going to be the same as grass. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s in the league; I don’t think we’re getting rid of it anytime soon so you just have to deal with it. On the first goal and if it was going in before the deflection: No, I thought I was going to save it before the deflection so when it changes direction it’s difficult. It’s a really big field and at the same time it’s a game of inches. That first goal, just another inch the other way I’m making the save off the deflection and the penalty comes and it hits the wrong part of my knee and bounces in. So, game of inches, changes everything. On coping with playing a good game as a goalkeeper but having things go against you: You do it long enough and you just realize it’s a team sport so it’s not something where you think okay I need to have a good game and that’s that. You need to be an integral part of the team, to make the right decisions with the ball and make the saves the team needs so it’s not really a situation where I’m going out there and hoping I have a good game and it doesn’t really matter what the team does so you have good games when you win. We didn’t win so it’s hard to look at it and say – it’s actually very frustrating when like I said you’re inches away on both goals and it just didn’t go our way.