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Marshall explains injury; Sounders react to win

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say tonight after their 2-0 win over the Houston Dynamo:

Defender CHAD MARSHALLOn his back injury: "I had never had a neck or back injury before, so I didn't really know how to go about it. It was kind of just waiting, a day-to-day thing, and eventually it got better after the injection."

On wanting to return earlier: "I think I didn't know how close to something I was. Luckily I didn't play and hurt my neck and have to make a sub in the second minute, so it happened at practice."

On how the injury happened: "I just turned to cough and it went off in my back. It was kind of like that way for three days until I had the shot. It wasn't the most fun days."

On how he feels: "I feel good. We won, I had a little bit of drugs before the game, it was great."

On the shutout victory: "It's always good, especially at home. Stefan Frei made some huge saves for us tonight. It's always nice to get a zero and get three points at home."

Defender DJIMI TRAOREOn the victory: "A big credit to Stefan Frei for stopping the PK. He showed everyone he's one of the best goalkeepers. I'm very pleased for him because we've had a few PK's and that's the first one he has stopped."

On the handball in the box: "No I tried to protect myself. I don't know what I can do with my hand [in that situation]. I put it in front of my face and that's the decision of the referee. But to be honest, it was very hard for the ref today. He gave so many yellow cards and a red card."

On rehabbing from the injury: "Yes of course. I'm not young, but I worked hard to get back. I was ready two weeks ago, but the coach waited for the right time to put me in when they needed me and I was pleased we got the win."

On the condition of the turf: "Right from the warmup, I didn't know what was going on. I hope they do something for next week. I know football starts soon, so we know it will be hard turf."

On avenging last year's loss: "It was a physical game. Houston is a good team and last year they beat us badly… we did our job today."

Midfielder MARCO PAPPAOn scoring goal: “It’s always good to score, it helped us win a difficult game. I think the save made by (Stefan) Frei gave us confidence to win the game, we’re happy with the result and now looking forward to the next game.” On enjoying scoring goal: “You have to enjoy scoring goals, it’s a part of the game. But more importantly we got the points after two difficult games where we failed to score. So we’re happy with result and I think it’s good for our confidence.” On ending scoring drought: “It’s important for the confidence of the team, we failed to score the past two games, that’s the past and now we have to live in the moment. Now I hope we can continue in this way.” Goalkeeper STEFAN FREIThoughts on the game: “Overall I don’t think it was our prettiest of games but we fought hard, we brought that energy and toughness; sometimes you’re going to be in those games and you have to be able to match and surpass the intensity of the opponent. Have the power and willingness to sacrifice your body and just work hard, we were able to find the net twice luckily and get the shutout on top of that.” Did the stutter step on PK provide an advantage: “Stutter steps are there to try get them an idea of where the goalkeeper is going, and as a goalkeeper you want to wait as much as you can to not give that away, so I tried to hold my ground as much as I could. Once I thought he was close to taking it I went as hard as I could to my left side and luckily he went the same way.”