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Pitch discolored, slippery after corporate event

The Sounders' 2-0 win over the Houston Dynamo on Sunday shared the spotlight with the oddly discolored CenturyLink Field pitch.

It was a popular topic on Twitter, among national MLS media and fans. The markings were likened to crop circles and more.

The club explained that there had been a corporate event in the stadium last week, and that affected the look and condition of the surface.

The players said they noticed, but by look and by footing.

Here's some of what players and coaches from both teams had to say:

Seattle coach SIGI SCHMID"The field is the same for both teams. Our grounds crew did everything they could to make it good and safe for the players. They had a corporate event on us so they were trying to make a situation for the field to be as good as possible for our team… I think because of the rubber that came off there was slipping out there, definitely more than usual. Again, the grounds crew did everything they could to make it as good as possible." Seattle defender DJIMI TRAORE"Right from the warmup, I didn't know what was going on. I hope they do something for next week. I know football starts soon, so we know it will be hard turf."

Houston midfielder BRAD DAVIS"You know astro turf is never good to play on I think if you ask anybody around the league. I think as players we don’t like it but both teams have to play on it so it’s an even playing field so it’s not ideal, not something that we want or necessarily look forward to but it is what it is." Houston goalkeeper TALLY HALLIt’s turf so it’s never going to be the same as grass. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s in the league; I don’t think we’re getting rid of it anytime soon so you just have to deal with it.