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Marshall explains auto accident, back injury

Central defender Chad Marshall returned to the Sounders last night after missing two games -- both losses -- due to a back injury following an auto accident.

In the winning locker room last night, Marshall provided some of the details of what had happened:

On the accident: "I was coming home from the team barbeque, I was taking Brad Evans home, going up Market Street. I think the guy in front of me stops pretty quickly because they guy in front of him was trying to parallel park, SO then I stopped. The girl behind me almost hit me. She stopped just in time, but the guy behind her hit her into me. I saw her almost hit us, and then I think I kind of relaxed, and she hit us. Like 20 minutes later I started noticing in my neck that it was sore. Then obviously two mornings later my back went into spasm. And now we’re here."

On if it had seemed a serious accident: "It was just a little fender-bender. There were three other people in the car. Brad was there, he said his neck was a little sore the next day, but no one really had it like me. I just have a huge head, and there was a lot of whip."