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Hanauer explains why Yedlin transfer is a good thing for the Sounders and their fans

"Our goal is always to position ourselves to challenge for and win championships," He said. "But our league is a delicate balance that includes a salary cap that sometimes is challenging to navigate. This transaction provides, first, a great opportunity for us to win a championship in 2014 with DeAndre remaining with the team; and second it provides us with allocation money that is paramount to maintaining a competitive squad going forward; and it provides us with some cash to reinvest in any aspect of our soccer business that we want, whether that is on the youth side that hopefully allows us to develop two or three or four more DeAndre Yedlins, or designated players, or other soccer facilities or infrastructure that hopefully will position us for strength going forward.

"... We thought it was ultimately a good decision for our club, although a difficult one, but a good decision. ... We’re in a sport where this happens. Every club in the world sells players. It’s just a matter of weighing the benefits and the drawbacks, and we decided that this was a good decision for us. And by the way, DeAndre clearly wanted this transaction to occur as well. He certainly has a say in it, and we want to do right by our players in addition to doing right by our club."

Hanauer also was asked about the timing of Yedlin's possible departure.

"It’s no earlier than the transfer window at the end of our season – in January," he said. "I don’t want to put words in Spurs mouth, but I think the intent was that they would like to assess where things are at with their club at that time and potential work permit issues with DeAndre and assess how he’s been doing with us, and whether it’s the right time to fit him into their squad or whether they make the decision at that time to let him stay with us for another period of time until the summer window a year from now."

Hanauer said there was a lot of transfer talk after the World Cup and there were multiple offers. He added that the summer friendly with Tottenham might have been important to that being the club this deal went with. He said the deal wasn't signed/sealed/delivered until today.