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Keller: Spurs phenomenal club of great opportunity

"Tottenham’s a phenomenal club with phenomenal fans and a great opportunity to play for a club," he said. "But with any big club, it doesn’t matter where you go, you understand that there’s a high level of competition for you to earn your spots, and I have complete confidence that Yedlin has the ability to have a long career – wherever, if it happens to be Spurs or someplace else. It’s a great opportunity."

On whether the history of managerial changes at Tottenham also makes it a less stable place for players: "Any player will tell you that when a certain manager brings you in, you’re always going to be given a certain benefit of the doubt because that manager obviously saw something in his system where you fit into it. I think in my four years at Spurs I had four managers. But you never go into a situation as a player thinking, ‘Wow, do I come here, do I not come here.’ And as an American sometimes it’s always a little bit different. As if it was any American going to any club, I just hope it’s the right situation, the right situation for them, and they have a long and fruitful career at that club."