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Sounders enjoy 6-0 win, look ahead to Cup final

The Sounders' postgame comments were divided between enjoyment of their 6-0 win over Chicago tonight, and anticipating their U.S. Open Cup final at Phiadelphia next month (4:30 PT, Sept. 16, PPL Park in Chester, Penn.; GolTV) ... And DeAndre Yedlin.

Here's some of what they had to say:

Coach SIGI SCHMID(Opening Statement…) "Sometimes when it rains it pours, as they say. We obviously did well tonight finishing tonight, getting the early goal. It got us off to a really good start—the early by Barrett there and a good ball by Kenny Cooper. I thought bringing some guys with fresh legs, Cooper, Barrett, obviously Andy Rose getting back into the mix, and fresh centerbacks really helped us at the end of the day. It made us a little quicker, a little sharper, which is what we want to achieve in this game." (On Andy Rose…) "He's been held back with injuries and trying to get his fitness back. Andy is great, when he can come forward he is dangerous on set pieces like he is, and I thought he played some good balls in. It was his ball into Cooper that set up that first goal. Andy can play very simple and sees things like that, so it's nice to have him set in the back where we can use him."

(On DeAndre Yedlin…) "I thought he was good. DeAndre and I had texted back and forth before he got back and he came out and worked out a little bit on Sunday at the game. He trained with us on Tuesday. We had gone over it and I told him he was going to play, and I think he did really well." (On Yedlin's transfer…) "I think it's great. It's a situation where in the world of soccer, most clubs are selling clubs. There are very few that are the ultimate buyers at the end of the day—maybe a Manchester United, Manchester City, or Bayern Munch—it was a good opportunity for us, a good opportunity for DeAndre and good opportunity for the club. It's great that he is going to be here because his soccer will continue to develop and grow." (On the plan for tonight’s game…) "We said we needed to play with more width. That's something we talked about before the game. I think that's something DeAndre gives us on the right side for sure, I thought Lamar Neagle did a better job on that side as well. Brad Evans gave us good width on the left side as well, Marco Pappa stayed a little wider. I think all of them responded to what we were asking them to do." (On moving onto the final…) "It's fantastic. It's something we said to the club that we take seriously. As I said to Pappa and Jalil Anibaba before the game, 'This is the reason you came here—to battle for trophies—so show it tonight.' And that's what they did and both of them had good games. We won our first Open Cup on the road at DC and now we have to go into Philly and do it. It's going to be a long road trip, because we go from Philly to New York to Dallas, so we will be on the road for 10 days, it will feel like preseason. We will be ready for it, this is what we want to do. If you answer it, you try to win it." (On playing at Starfire…) "It's a different atmosphere. It's electric. The best word is tradition. If we play an early Open Cup game now in CenturyLink it wouldn't feel the same, so it's sort of tradition for us to play here and I think our guys thrive in the closeness of the crowd and helps spurn them on to good performances." (On sitting certain players…) "Dempsey's been going since January, he's been going seven months so we got to get him fresh again. Our plan was to hold him out of this one, alter his training a bit, get his freshness back… Oba would have came in earlier if we were struggling. It was great to see him get involved, get a goal and an assist as well. That helps him try to keep his rhythm." Midfielder ANDY ROSE (On the victory…) "It doesn't matter who it is, we are excited to get a win. That's not a problem—who we are playing—we had confidence and we had to take advantage of the opportunities." (On players stepping up…) "It's huge… We have players who can step up and come out with big ones like that. It's big for the group."

On Marco Pappa's passing: Unbelievable. I get it every day in training. Great technique. He puts it on a dime for you. Incredible. Easy to finish off chances like that. He’s obviously a great talent passing the ball.

On reaching another final: It’s not every year you get that obviously. My first year we lost to Kansas City on penalties, and that was heartbreaking. Last year we didn’t do the business, so obviously to get back you know what it means a little bit more. Chicago has to travel home now not going to the final. The fans out here are incredible. We know what it means to them. We want all the silverware we can get this year, and obviously the first opportunity will be the Open Cup.” Forward CHAD BARRETT(On the approach to the game…) "They had to play on Sunday like we did and they had to fly out here. We knew they were tired. They were going to put everything they had into the opening 45 minutes, so by scoring early we could kill the momentum and really get after them." (On starting the match…) "I started to feel tired by the end, because I haven't started in a month. It takes a while to get that fitness back, even though I feel fit, a game finish is a completely different thing, but I was happy to get 75 minutes in." (On the team's depth…) "It's great. We had five or six new starters in today, I felt really awesome for Andy Rose. He's been injured this entire year, to see him come off and be the star of the game was huge today. We got to rest our important guys—Clint Dempsey, Oba Martins, a few other guys like Chad Marshall—and that will pay dividends against Salt Lake on Saturday."​ Defender DeANDRE YEDLIN(On finalizing the Tottenham transfer…) "It feels good to finally get it all over with. Now I just can keep my focus on Seattle."

On maintaining focus despite the news: My main focus for the past for the last years have been Seattle. I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing. My work ethic is not going to go down: nothing. My main goal is to win MLS Cup here, and also U.S. Open Cup, and we got a step closer today. (On the decision process…) "It was a very long process. Asked coaches, family and friends, and coaches and family were the big one. Ultimately I feel this is the best decision for me and I am excited for the next step in my career." (On the general reaction…) "Pretty positive. Arsenal fans don't like it too much, but for the most part pretty positive. From what I have seen the Seattle fans have been positive and they've supported me and my decision. I'm just so grateful for Seattle and I am excited for the rest of the season." (On the opportunity…) "It gives me the confidence I need to take it to the next level. Sigi put the trust in me from the very beginning by putting me out on the field, and I owe him a lot of credit and that's why I have grown so much on the field." (On choosing Tottenham…)"I feel it's the best fit for me. Their playing style, it's in a great location, a great team—a top team in the EPL" Forward KENNY COOPERIt was great for the team. A lot of fun. Our approach to the game was awesome. I felt the team looked determined the whole game, whether we were up two goals or three, we just never stopped, kept going at them.