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From landing to training to game to takeoff, Sounders in Utah little more than 24 hours

[caption id="attachment_47364" align="alignright" width="480"] Sounders trained this afternoon at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah. Sounders trained this afternoon at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah.[/caption]The Sounders arrived in the Salt Lake City area this afternoon, had a late-afternoon training session at Rio Tinto Stadium, will play RSL tomorrow around 11:30 a.m. PT (12:30 MT), and then bolt to the airport to head home.

We talked to them a bit today about the unusual trip.

Coach SIGI SCHMIDOn playing in the afternoon sun on a hot day: Both teams are going to have to play in the heat. For us though, it’s about 60 hours since our last game. You’d like to have at least 72 hours at the very least, so it’s a little more difficult on us. It just means we’ve got to be smart, make good decisions with the ball. We’ve got to attack at the right moments, and hopefully the heat will have the same effect on both teams.

On the training session: We just wanted to make sure that we get out of the hotel, we stretched our legs a little bit. We didn’t want to do too much. If you train in the heat day in and day out, I think it’s always earlier to go from hot to cold weather or to stay in hot weather. It’s more difficult for teams that are training in cooler weather. But we’ve had some warm days in Seattle, too -- it’s just the last two or three that have been cooler.On what the early start does to the team's gameday rituals: When you’re in a stretch of playing games at night you get used to sort of, ‘OK, this is when I get up in the morning … this is when we do our active stretch, when we have our meal.’ When it’s in the morning, it’s really quick. When you look at it, our whole trip here we’re going to be on the ground here a little more than 24 hours. It makes everything a little faster, a little more rapid, but I guess for TV we’ve got to play games at certain times.

Goalkeeper STEFAN FREIOn the early start: You just want to be sure that you get up at a decent time. Usually when it’s (an evening) kickoff, you sleep in, you can take your time, you can do almost a brunch and whatnot. Now we have to be sure that we get our game meal in at like 9 o’clock or something like that. It changes things a bit, but we all know what we’re in for, and I think we’re ready for it.

Midfielder LAMAR NEAGLEOn playing in the head and sun: We've been having pretty crazy weather in Seattle as well. It doesn't feel too bad here.