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Schmid's opening statement after 1-1 draw

Here's coach Sigi Schmid's opening statement after the Sounders' 1-1 home draw tonight with San Jose:

I thought we had some chances. We went forward. I didn’t think the first 25 mintues was very good – I thought they were a little bit better than us the first 25 minutes. But after that I thought we took hold of more of the game. The early goal in the second half helped. I thought there were just a multitude of things that happened on the goal against us. Then we had some more chances going the other way – took some risks and left ourselves a little bit open at times for the counter. But we were playing against a team that at times was pretty bunkered in and tried to play on the counter themselves. I don’t know if we got around them enough on the left. We got around them some on the right with DeAndre attacking, but we didn’t get enough width on the left-hand side of the field.

More from Schmid:

On common issues in 1-3-1 stretch: I just don’t think we’re getting width at the right times. There’s times when teams are packing it into the middle and then we’re forced to play into the middle when we maybe don’t want to. We did a good job at times, and you look at the crosses that we hit, most of them from the right-hand side of the field -- from DeAndre, later from Evans getting in there and getting there. We’re not getting that same width from the left, and then we’re not getting that quality service at the key times. It’s just letting us down. Evans gets in really well once in the second half, and mishits the cross as it’s coming across. Just those things, the final decisions. If we make a mistake we get punished, that’s been a pretty common theme. We’re just not clean enough in the chances that we’re creating. We’re creating pressure, we’re not creating clean chances.

On the lineup changes: It’s just resting people. Evans felt he was better, but we felt it would be too much to push him in this game too early. Dempsey, like I said he’s been going all year. We’ve got to find him little breaks here and there or else we’re going to burn him out completely. I thought he came on and did some good things for us. Traore was mainly to rest Zach a little bit. Leo isn’t at that stage where he can play three games in a week yet.