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Yedlin says Cato criticism was correct; RSL boos show passion for soccer

We spoke to Yedlin about both incidents, especially if they somehow reflect his higher profile now that he has made the U.S. national team, is a two-time MLS All-Star and has signed a transfer agreement to Tottenham of the EPL.

On the Earthquakes' goal and Cato's comment: I gave him too much space, and he got the ball. It’s as simple as that. It was a mistake on my part that I’ve watched video on, and it won’t happen again. I mean, he was right in his comments: I gave him too much space, and he did what an attacker is supposed to do.

On RSL fans booing him at Rio Tinto Stadium: I think anytime you see somebody you think is a big player – you see Oba and Clint, they get booed. It’s something like you said that comes with the rising stardom. It doesn’t affect me. I actually enjoy it. It’s good to see fans that passionate nowadays about soccer in America. It’s exciting.