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Sounders happy but remember it's long season

Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Brad EvansOn whether the quality of the goals means anything extra in a result like this:“No. Like I’ve said all along, we’re going to keep this last stretch games as even keel as we can. We know we’re going to have ups and downs, good plays, bad plays, but I was really happy with the way we came out today, especially at the finish of a long stretch of games and really put in the work. Winning all the 50/50s in the first half and it’s one of those where you go to sleep last night and you don’t expect to win a game here 4-2. I know they probably feel the same way. There’s no way that they woke up this morning and thought ‘We’re going to lose this game 4-2.’ It is what it is and we came out and finished our chances. Just a good team performance.”On how good it feels to win in Portland:“Obviously anytime you get a win away from home, especially coming off a loss in San Jose and then what felt like a little bit of a loss in the tie against San Jose at home. Like I said, a good way to end the trip and a good three points for us.”

On whether any of Seattle’s goals were especially important in changing the game:“If you go back and look at Clint [Dempsey]’s run in the second goal, that’s just pure determination, heart and grit. That’s what we want from all of our players. At the end of a stretch of games and, obviously, he didn’t start last game and he had a couple days off, so he’s feeling fresh. He booked it there. I think guys feed off of that. When everybody puts in that little bit extra, the results tend to go your way.”

On not being overwhelmed by the extra intensity of a Cascadia clash:“Today we fed off that and everything kind of went our way in the first half. Maybe there were a few suspect calls or maybe they could have gotten a PK to change the momentum in the first half. Sometimes things go your way. At the end of a road trip, playing away from home, in this rivalry game, you have to give a little bit extra and everybody did today. That’s feeding off emotions. Coming into the stadium, hearing their fans yell at you, hearing our fans yell for us. No matter what you say, you get the butterflies, you get the tingling feeling and that’s when you know you’re in for a good game. You feed off that in a positive way and today we did.”

Seattle Sounders FC forward Obafemi MartinsOn scoring his first goals in more than two months:“Just doing the same thing. Training, game. I’ve brought everything to the game and we deserved it today because we did very well today, played very well today. We scored great goals.”

On what went right today that hasn’t been going right for the team recently:“Nothing is going on. It’s a game. Winning, losing, we’re always there. Whenever we lose, we always continue. Even whenever we draw, as well, we always continue to win. We did it today and we deserve the three points. We played very well and we’re taking the three points home.”

On if today’s result was a statement:“We just want to play and try to win games. That’s what we did today. We’re looking forward to the next game.”

On all the moves leading up to his goal in the second half:“I can’t really remember. I guess I had a little bit of luck. I nearly slipped, but still with a little bit of luck I was on my feet and tried to push the ball in front of me. I end up seeing the ball in front of me and ended up scoring it.”

On his awareness of the fans in the crowd:“The fans, they’ve been great. They’ve been supporting and everything, even when we’re not doing well, losing and everything. They’re still there, supporting us. We have to make them proud and we did that today. Hope they’re happy now and we have to continue to do our best.”

Seattle Sounders FC forward Clint DempseyOn whether this result means more based on Seattle’s recent results:“It’s always good to win. There’s a good feeling around the team. We’ve been a little bit down in terms of our energy with not getting the right results, but getting a win like today definitely lifts the spirits and hopefully we can push on and go on a run.”

On his run to score Seattle’s second goal:“It was a great ball from Oba. When he’s on the ball, you just have to make good movement to get on it. He played a good ball and I was able to score on that one, but also on the one where I hit the post, he played another good ball as well. Not only does he score goals, but he creates opportunities for others and I thought he played really well today.”

On whether Seattle was thinking about the loss in the playoffs last year coming into this match:“No. It’s a new season. We’ve played against them three times now. I mean I’ve played against them three times. Two times away from home and once at home. We’ve played well against them this season.”

On what statement a win like this makes:“It’s a long season. In big games, you want to step up and play well. I thought we did that today. It’s not just doing it here and there. It’s doing it on a consistent basis and that’s what got us up the table early in the season. Just that consistency and hopefully we can get back to that.”

On if playing in Portland fuels his game:“When you play against rivals you want to step up in those types of games. I was happy to get, more importantly than the goal, the assist on the game-winning goal from Chad [Barrett] and play a part in trying to help the team win. That’s the most important thing and it’s good to play well against your rivals.”