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Porter wants to review game, but thought Timbers played better than the score

Here's some of what the Portland Timbers had to say after their 4-2 home loss to the Sounders:

Portland Timbers head coach Caleb PorterOn what he tells the team after a loss like today:“I told them I needed some time to watch the game and dissect what just happened. Congratulations to Seattle. They took their chances well. Obviously, they have great players, a great team, a good coach and they were deserved winners today.”

On the backline’s performance today:“Again, one of the reasons I want to watch the game is Seattle deserved to win, but I know it was a lot closer game than the score indicated. It would be easy for me spin that, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the score. We didn’t do well enough to get the result. We outshot them, we out-possessed them and we had more corners. The difference in the first half was Clint [Dempsey] and Oba [Obafemi Martins] finding two goals and that’s what they are paid to do and they did it. I thought we were the better team in the first half, but in the end all that matters is the scoreline. We didn’t manage situations defensively very well today. There were a lot of chances that they created that shouldn’t have been chances. But again I want to watch the tape to offer reflections to my group and to obviously figure out what we need to do next week to correct those things.”

On what the team was doing well in the first half that reflected the performance:“It was hard to believe that at halftime we were down 2-0 the way we played. I thought we came out well. It was an even game. We hit the post, they hit the post, it’s 19 minutes in and it’s going kind of how you think it’s going to go when you are playing a good team. It’s back and forth. I thought we started well. The mentality was good. Both teams were feeling each other out. Then all the sudden we are up the field and out of nowhere they’re behind us and it’s a cross and the ball is in the back of the net. Again, that’s why Martins and Dempsey are two of the best guys in the league because they found two goals. They didn’t have very many chances in that first half. I thought we had more, I thought we had the better of it, yet we are down 2-0. In saying that, I don’t think we managed either of those two situations very well, and they punished us. It seemed like every chance they got today was in the back of the net. We had a ton and somehow couldn’t seem find the frame enough. It was a bit of a strange game. I don’t think the score is indicative of how the game and flow went, but at the end of the day it comes down to how many you put in the net. They put four in and we didn’t do well enough to deserve the result.”

On missing out on the chance to take over fifth position in the Western Conference against their rival:“I’ve now given 25 team talks and going into this game it felt like the easiest one I had to give because there is so much motivation. Rivalry game, we are two points off the red line and the opportunity to go above the red line. We’re at home. I thought we were up for it. I thought we played well in the first half, yet we’re down 2-0 because of mistakes. That’s what’s disappointing. It’s kind of the same old story. You play well enough to win, the stats tell a story in a soccer game, but ultimately moral victories aren’t what we are looking for at this stage; we’ve got to get three points. I’d take less possession, less shots and less corners if we got three points today.”

On the importance of the upcoming match at Vancouver next week:“It’s a massive game. It’s looking like it’s going to come down to us, Vancouver, Colorado, maybe San Jose creeps in for that fifth spot. Right now four teams – Salt Lake, LA, Seattle and Dallas – that pack is sort of running away. You never know, one of those four may stumble, but we need points. Right now, Vancouver is two points ahead of us so it’s a chance to get above them with a result. Even if we had won this game, we would have had to turn around and get a good result against them otherwise we are right back below them again. For me, what’s most disappointing in this game is the score line. We’re not used to being in games where we lose 4-2. I have to figure out how to correct what happened today so we can get a better result next Saturday."

Portland Timbers defender Liam RidgewellGeneral thoughts on the match:“We wanted to get that win to make sure we moved above the red line, but sadly we didn’t get that done. We’ve got to try, as much as we can, and forget about it and move onto the next game because it’s going to be a vital one for our season.”

On his responsibility to the defense and getting into the playoffs:“Big responsibility. I’ve come in and I want to make the playoffs and make [it above] that red line. I take it personal. I’m sure everyone can tell how disappointed everyone is and we’ve got to try and put it right.”

On what went wrong in the defense against Seattle:“A couple of their goals were counter-attack goals and sloppy from ourselves because one thing we knew was that they were going to try and pounce on us because we were trying to get at them. Just have to be mindful of that and try and cut it out for the next game.”

On facing the combination of Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins:“Oba was looking to stretch and he’s done that his whole career. So, I think it’s something we’ve got to narrow down on and we’ve a lot to do. A bit more professionalism to not make a foul on the byline and just the fine little moments that good players like [Clint] Dempsey and Oba will score. Something we have to try and cut out of the game and stop those errors.”

On if today’s result was the first dose of adversity in his Timbers career:“Definitely. You can only tell how good the team is when you’re down and people think that they’re not going to make the playoffs and not going to make the red line. We know we’re a good team and today’s not going to change that. Have to bounce back next week and make sure we do.”

On whether today’s defensive performance was an anomaly for the current backline:“It was just one. It’s gone very well. You come up against two class strikers and a very good team. We’ve got to try and manage that better. The only way we can get better is working on it during the week and making sure we cut them out for next week and the nine remaining games we have left.”

Portland Timbers forward Fanendo AdiOn the battle towards moving into a playoff position:“Sometimes these kinds of games come true and as a team you just have to give your best. Of course we gave up very important goals in the first half as well. Made a lot of mistakes, but as a team we lose together and win together.”

On what went wrong in the first half that led to Seattle’s two goals:“Seattle just waited for us. We kept playing the ball and they let us into their half and when they got the ball, they just played on the counter. That’s just what they did and all the goals came on the counter. In the first half, it was the same situation. When we allowed the first goal, we were looking to go out there and get a goal back. So when you’re under pressure and you’re trying to get a goal back, you open all the space.”

On whether at halftime there was belief the team could still get into the game:“Sure. We had a chat in the locker room at halftime. We still believed in ourselves that we could do it. We went out there to get one goal back as early as possible, but we couldn’t get it back early.”