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Sounders back training for Rapids on Saturday

Coach Sigi Schmid was asked how the session went.

"Good." he said. "Obviously we had the reserve game on Monday, so we wanted to give them a day off. Today we had guys in different groups as we were recovering, because some guys played a lot of minutes over that five-game stretch, some guys a little bit less, so we just tried to tailor it to each group."

More from Schmid:

On defenders Damion Lowe and Dylan Remick playing in the reserve game Monday: It’s good for (Lowe) to get back on the field, he’s happy about that. He’s still working on his fitness now. When you come off a long injury like he does, the first couple of weeks are good because you’re full of energy and everything’s great. And then you go into a little bit of a lull and then you’ve got to come out of that lull. He’s probably four weeks away from being at the top of his game. Dillon a little less so because he was out not as long. So for him, it’s just a matter of getting his fitness, making sure he doesn’t have a setback from his injury. … I still don’t think he’s at 100 percent, but he’s getting much closer.

On the gaps between reserve games this season: We canceled a game in between there just because of our schedule, the way the overload went with the Open Cup, so we had to cancel. When things move forward and we have our own affiliation with the USL team, that will make it a lot easier for those guys to get games.