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Reign coach Laura Harvey wins award -- and moving tribute from one of her players

Seattle Reign coach Laura Harvey won the NWSL coach of the year honor Wednesday.

"It’s a good recognition to have," she said in a conference call this afternoon. "But any head coach will tell you you can’t do it on your own: it's the players through to the back-room staff, the front office and ownership that make the club what it is today. I think we’ve made huge strides forward. Sometimes as a head coach you get the wrath of that, and sometimes you get the credit, so it’s nice to get the credit for the club. I think the strides we’ve made this season have been huge. We’ve still got a lot of things that we could be better at, and we want to try to put some of those right on Sunday so that we can finish off what’s been a remarkable season for us on a high."

In addition to the award, Harvey also received this tribute from Reign midfielder Jessica Fishlock, who also was part of the conference call:

"I worked with her last year, and was able to work with her this year, and I saw the two sides to it: things going really well, obviously, and then things being difficult," Fishlock said. "But the only thing about Harvey is she just didn’t change. There was nothing from Day One last year when I first met her and right now that have changes as to the way she coaches and the way that she handles situations. Not only is her knowledge about football just second-to-none, but also her man management is probably the best I have ever seen. If you put those two together, then you’re always going to have not only a team that is a happy camp on and off the field, but if things go well or if things go bad, but you also have a club where if you ask any one of us right now, I don’t think there’s anywhere that we’d rather be. We don’t just play because we want to play football and we want to be successful, but I think this year we’re playing we’ve come back and we’ve won many points from being behind, and I think a lot of it is we want to play for Laura and we want to do well for Laura. We’ve got points this season purely because every single one of us will work as hard as we can to make sure that Laura is successful. And when you have a coach that has that effect on you -- not just individually, but as a group – then you know that that person is special and that is absolutely what Laura is."

Then Fishlock added: "But we won’t repeat that ever again, eh, Laura?

Harvey's response: "Aw, I got a little tear in my eye there."