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Schmid happy Sounders ground out the win

Here's coach Sigi Schmid's opening statement after the Sounders' 1-0 win over Colorado today:

Every game is a little bit different – takes on a different personality. We knew that they were going to be somewhat cautious in the way they played. They tried to slow the game down for sure, make it difficult for us to get forward. I think in the first half we didn’t spread the game quite enough. I thought in the second half we spread the game more and we got in behind them more and got cleaner looks on goal, scored off the set piece. Sometimes games like that come down to set pieces, and proud of the fact we got a shutout. I’m proud of the fact it was victory that we had to ground out coming off of an emotional game last week. So I’m happy with what the guys did.

More from Schmid:

(On repeating his lineup...) "We had a good game last week and there were no injuries so there was no need to change anything at this point. As we move forward, Marco Pappa leaves to join the Guatemalan side so we'll have to make a change there. We have guys who are sitting on cards so the next yellow would make them sit out a game so there are always changes that end up forcing your hand so that's why you have to have good reserve players. Again, it was just a reflection of rewarding the team that played well last week." (On Colorado's lineup...) "The keeper switch surprised us a little bit. The last time we saw him was when we played against him when he was at Atlanta in the Open Cup so at least some guys knew who he was. We hoped he wasn't carrying a gun since he was an ex-sheriff. It was a little bit of a surprise. The rest of the lineup we had pretty much, we weren't too far off. We weren't sure if (Thomas) Piermayr was going to be inside or outside and (Marc) Burch inside or outside. Those were the only ones that we missed on." (On playing wide...) "There's always a frustration there. Like I said, I think we pinched in too much wide so as a result our forwards, to get the ball, went really deep because there was no space for them to check back into it. You noticed in the second half, when Marco (Pappa) played wider and (Brad) Evans was providing us width on the other side, then all of a sudden that space underneath opened up for Oba (Martins), opened up for (Clint) Dempsey and then you could see some combinations, some that they barely missed on. You could also see us getting in on the side. The corner came off a good run from Evans that resulted in a corner that resulted in a goal. So being able to go out wide opens up the middle." (On winning one-goal game after a 6-goal game in Portland...) "If you want to go far in the playoffs, you have to be able to win games like this. You have to be able to play to zero in the back. You have to be able to minimize the opponents' chances. And sometimes you just have to make good use of your set pieces. Those are deciding factors and (we) were unlucky to not maybe get a couple more in the second half. (Joe) Nasco made a couple of big saves, then the one Oba (Martins) hit off the crossbar was another good effort. I was happy. You have to win different types of games." (On Seattle's defense...) "Defensively they were good. I thought we kept play in front of us pretty much except for one time in the second half when they let Deshorn Brown get in behind us and run at us. They tried to clip a few balls over the top of our defense, but (Chad) Marshall and Zach (Scott) did a really good job with that so that forced them to play in front of us a little bit more. I thought we did a really good job of keeping the game in front of us and not allowing them to use their speed to get behind our back four. I thought we did well." (On gearing up for a game like this...) "One of the big things we talked about was we made a big statement last week, but a statement doesn't mean anything unless you back it up. So this was back up time. Also when you come off an emotional game, it's natural that your team is a little flatter as well. I thought we did a good job of backing up our statement, winning at home, getting the three points, getting the shutout - I think all of those were positives for us." (On Marco Pappa ...) "(Marco Pappa's) done a good job on our set pieces, although (Gonzalo) Pineda has done well with those as well. Luckily we have two guys that do well with that. Marco is a guy who helps us keep possession with passes for our team and when he gets wide on the left flank, is also a guy who can get Oba crosses and get behind the defenses in that way. I thought he had one really good chance and thought he was going to pull the trigger instead of trying to lay it through. He's had a good season for us."