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Dempsey credits Pappa on winning goal

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say today after their 1-0 home win over the Colorado Rapids:

Clint Dempsey - Sounders FC Forward(On winning in a different way than last Sunday...) "Yeah I mean anytime you win it's always a great feeling. It's good for us to get on a little bit of a streak in terms of two wins in a row and it's about keeping that going." (On his goal...) "Great ball in from (Marco) Pappa, just tried to make sure I had good connection on it and tried to keep it low and it was able to go in." (On backing up the statement win against Portland...) "It's about being more consistent, keeping our energy level high, and battle and work for each other and keep playing the style we know we're capable of. I thought at times we played really well today." (On possibly losing confidence against a team that sits back...) "I feel like we have the same conversation every week we play at home. Most teams sit back and it opens up in the second half. In an ideal world if we can open the game up in the first half and get some goals I think it makes the game easier for you. It's something that we'll continue to work on but the most important thing is the three points and getting two wins in a row and trying to keep going from there." (On what they did in second half to open things up...) "I think our outside midfielders played a little bit more wide, kind of tried to open them up a little bit more. I think that creates a little bit more space in the middle, I think just giving different looks. I thought Leo got more involved in the game getting forward. [DeAndre Yedlin] got a little bit more involved in the game getting forward and we were able to get some good touches on the ball and tried to create some chances." (On getting momentum at end of season...) "Like we talked after the game it's important to get points and stay at the table. You make playoffs, making sure that you go into playoffs on a run of form; you don't want to limp in. You want to be playing well, playing confident and making sure you're ready to hit the ground running once the playoffs starting." (On if they feel better about Supporter's Shield again...) "We still have a lot of games left; we just have to keep working hard, keep taking one game at a time and if we can play our best then I can think that we can stay at the top of the table." Osvaldo Alonso - Sounders FC Midfielder(On being patient against a team that sits back...) "Yeah they come here, pack the middle. You've got to patient, play wide and try to be more composed with the ball and I thought we did in the second half. We scored a goal and got the three points." (On being a disciplined team...) "Before the game Sigi told us we had to be patient. They come here to play in the middle. We got to keep the ball, play quick, and that's what we did in the second half." (On Clint creating today...) "Clint's a great player; he always brings energy. He always plays like that so we're very happy he scored today and I hope he keeps scoring the rest of the season." (On adjusting from open game to a tighter game...) "Sometimes you have to prepare to play a different game; that's what happened today. Like I said before we got the three points. The most important thing is we walk away with the result and keep forward." Chad Marshall - Sounders FC Defender(On the result...) "It was communicating, playing hard. We know they're a difficult matchup up top. They've got Edson who's strong and a good hold-up player and when he sucks you out they like it to play it over the top to Deshorn and use his speed, try to get him 1-on-1. So, it was a tough matchup, just a lot of talk, knowing their strengths and trying to limit them." (On comfort with this group of defenders and communicating...) "At this point in the year anyone who comes in I think has a good understanding of the guys around them so yeah it's been good and it was a solid performance." (On playing a grinding game after an open one...) "Yeah it's not always going to pretty. You're going to get teams-Colorado kind of sat in today. So we knew it was going to be tough for us to score but we got that one and we were able to keep them at zero so three points is good at home." (On teams trying to bring defenders up with balls in the air...) "Yeah I think Zach and I prefer those games. We like banging and going up for headers so anytime we get stuff like that we relish the opportunity." (On getting eighth shutout of the season...) "Yeah it's huge. We didn't start the year well, leaking weird goals so it's nice to get shutouts and Stef's been huge for us back there. Like we talked about earlier whoever's in the back line has stepped up and done a great job and communicated well. It's definitely a promising thing."