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Schmid happy with first half, spot in standings

Here was coach Sigi Schmid's opening statement after the Sounders' 4-2 win at Chivas on Wednesday:

I thought we came out and played really well in the first half. I thought we finished our opportunities. We probably had a few more chances to get a few more goals. I think in the second half we probably made the game a little harder on ourselves than we needed it to be. Delgado gets a little bit of a fluky goal: I don’t know if he can score that header again. But they put pressure. They responded to their coach probably being all over them at halftime. So they put forth the response. But like I said: We made the game harder than it needed to be. But what I was happy with was we came out with a good attitude, we came at them early, we got early goals, we were prepared, and I was very happy with the first half. And we’re the first team now above 50 points – we’ve got 51 points – so we want to continue to do that.

More from Schmid:

On playing before the small crowd: We knew we would have some traveling fans, and we were appreciative of that. But one of the things we told our team last night and before the game was we had to create our own atmosphere. We had to make sure that we were prepared psychologically, that we weren’t waiting for the buzz of the crowd or something like that. That, for me, was a challenge for us today, but again, we responded well. The first half was good.

On Martins' team-leading 11th and 12th goals: It’s good. I think it’s maybe the most goals that Oba has ever scored in a season. And so it’s good. He’s played well. I wish Clint could have gotten one tonight: That’s one of the reasons I left him on, hoping that he could get a goal for his sake and his confidence. But today was maybe a little bit of an easier game, and if Clint saves his goals for the harder games, I’m happy and I’m OK with that.

On Andy Rose’s performance:“I thought Andy played well. Sometimes everyone gets hung up because he scored two goals so that means he played well. I don’t think he played well because he got the two goals, I think he played well in the first half, I thought he was sharp, I thought he turned, collected the ball, looked forward, he was a guy hitting a lot of our passes into our forwards and putting guys in. The icing on the cake was that he scores a good header and he gets in on the back post, as well. I was very pleased with Andy.”

On heading into the break with a three-game winning streak:“It’s great to go in with three-straight wins because everyone was concerned that we were in a dive or something at that point, and I said ‘this isn’t last year, it’s a different year.’ Now we get to rest a little bit, weary legs but when we start off again with Real Salt Lake when we have five games in 16 days and those games are going to be in four different cities. That’s going to be a good stretch.”