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Chivas coach: "First half was embarrassing"

Here's some Chivas reaction after 4-2 loss to Sounders on Wednesday:

CHIVAS USA HEAD COACH WILMER CABRERAThoughts on the match:“Two different halves. Definitely the first half was embarrassing for us. Especially when you receive three goals on set pieces, something that we practice every week. It’s just [lack of] focus and concentration from the players. They know and realize that, but we have to emphasize the positives. The second half was the best second half I have seen from Chivas USA since I have been here. We scored goals, we put pressure, we dominated possession, and passing accuracy for us was the best. So we need to grab something today. Our first half was like nothing and then we grabbed that second half and we need to replicate that for the remaining of the season. If we can do that we will be able to grab some points and continue to move forward. But we have to understand that we cannot play the way we did in the first half.”

On ending the team’s scoring drought: “It’s very important for us. We haven’t scored too many goals this season and now we have to realize that our top scorer, who has 14 goals out of the 23 we have, is out, so we need everyone to step up. It was positive for both Marky [Delgado] and Ryan [Finley]. We created options. The second half they showed personality, character and that they feel pride on the field. The only thing is that when you are losing 4-0 at halftime, the game was over.”

On Luis Bolaños’ debut:“He obviously went in 15 minutes. He showed that he has personality and that he goes for the ball every time. He moves well into the spaces and he’s going to look into shooting the ball. As soon as he gets that confidence, that touch, because he had two-three shots from distance today, he will help us. The positive is that he moves well between the lines and that he always is in dangerous positions.”

CHIVAS USA FORWARD RYAN FINLEYThoughts on the match:“We scored those first two goals, I think if we get a third one, we had some chances, it’s 4-3 with 10, 15 minutes to go and you put yourself back in the game. Obviously we need to start better in the first half. I think it shows a lot of character in the second half to fight back and just not give up when you’re in a whole like that.”

On the team’s improvement in the second half:“I think it’s something you can build off. We have another game on Sunday and obviously we’re not happy with the performance but we’ll go back and look at the tape and see what we can adjust in the first half and the good things we can build off in the second half and hopefully move forward and fix some of the mistakes.”

On his penalty kick:“I got taken down and obviously I was pretty confident stepping up to the [penalty spot] and I was pretty confident that I would score. I just kind of wanted the ball.”

On stepping in during Erick Torres’ absence:“For me to come in and get a chance and obviously playing with Felix [Borja] who is a great player as well, very experienced and is just a bull up [top]. It was nice to work with him and build off that. For the future when [Torres] comes back, hopefully we can have three guys up top that if we need someone else to step in or someone needs a break, hopefully we have more options.

On his performance on Wednesday:“I think nine out of my 10 appearances have been off the bench and whenever you get a start you kind of want to come in and make an impact and obviously the guys played on Sunday against the Galaxy and you have some tired legs, so being a fresh guy coming off the bench you want to set the tone.”

CHIVAS USA MIDFIELDER MARCO DELGADOOn ending the team’s scoring drought:“It was a good feeling. The second half we were down 4-0 and it was all about pride. It’s about playing your heart out and getting that goal back gave us a lot of confidence. Especially for myself, it gave me a lot of confidence. My touch got better, all around I got better. It felt great, it was a good feeling.”

On playing a better second half:“We weren’t so good in the first half, obviously, and it showed. They got a little relaxed and we took advantage of that. You can never get too relaxed in the game because we are capable of coming back, like we did today.”

On the team’s mentality in the second half:“Obviously you can see we never give up. We all have big hearts, and we play for the crest and don’t remember the name on the back. It’s a famous quote I always like to use.”

On finding the positives from Wednesday’s match:“We always use that in every game. We always try to fight in every game. Things don’t always work out for us but we always have our hearts out there because it’s your pride and the respect that you get from the other team. You just have to play your heart out there and see what goes on.”

Thoughts on offensive attack without Erik Torres in the lineup:“It was different. It was different because Torres is always the man right there in the middle. He’s always there in the right spots, for the tap-ins and for holding up the ball. But I think [Felix] Borja and Ryan [Finley] did well playing together. I felt like they were communicating well and were playing well with each other, running off the ball and playing one-two’s.”