Sounders Insider

Hanauer: Sounders "still very much anticipating a USL Pro team in 2015"

Here's what Sounders FC general manager Adrian Hanauer had to say today on progress toward an expected USL Pro team next season:

We’ve made lots of progress. About two months ago we hired (Andrew Opatkiewicz) who is basically running the project for us, doing all the research, the planning, connecting with organizations all over the country that are running USL Pro teams, or are working toward potentially adding USL Pro teams. We are going through some of the process of figuring what a new entity looks like, the financial management of it, lease facilities for games, training sessions: the whole planning process. We feel like we’re making tons of progress and we’re still very much anticipating a USL Pro team in 2015, but not quite ready to say 100 percent announcing. But we’re excited about it and we think some of the things we’ve talked about as it related to engaging our fan base and having it being a really good thing for development are really exciting.