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RSL: Red card deserved, changed the game

Here's some of what Real Salt Lake had to say tonight after their 3-2 loss in Seattle -- shorthanded, and with the game-winning goal deep into stoppage time:

Real Salt Lake Head Coach - Jeff Cassar(On Nat Borchers mistake...) " They are a dangerous team. They have good attacking players. We got caught and you never want to leave yourself exposed 1v1." (On the red card..) "I haven't seen it yet but my staff has and they feel that it probably was a red card." (On the effect of the red card...) "Obviously that changed the game. We had to make a few tactical moves and for the most part it worked extremely well. We tried to get pressure to the service but you can't get to everyone. Credit to Seattle for pushing for it but if it's eleven players on the field for us it's a different story." (On substitutions after the red card...) "Things work out that way. Ned Grabavoy had taken a serious knock before and was starting to hurt. We were playing Joao Plata out of position and he was doing great. He was running out of gas though and it came down to one play. It just stinks that it came down to us getting a red card and then pushing on to get that result." (On facing Seattle with 10 men...) " I thought we were doing a good job defending. They weren't penetrating the middle on us. When they brought Andy Rose in it was a handful because he was running out of the midfield. I thought we held the fort down for most of it and we even did a good job on the goal. I think there was a foul that happened in the middle of the box during that play. When you crash the box and don't get any of the ball but take out our players, that's a foul." (On positive takeaways..) "There are definitely positives to take from this. I thought our possession when we decided to possess was fantastic. I think we could have done more of that. We need to get better at that and managing the game. The effort was there. You think two goals on the road in a tough place to play would be enough but I think it's a different game with eleven players on the field. " (On facing Dempsey and Martins next...) "They are going to run wild. I think it's about what we do. When our possession is good and we are in the right spots, we control the game. It was when they started getting rolling that we needed to be better with the ball." (On his message to Nat Borchers...) " I haven't yet spoken to him. We will look at the video and see. Typically during those plays there are multiple issues, not just one. We will look at it and get better." (On moving forward...) " It's time to regroup. We've got an extremely strong locker room. I think for sure our focus will be great this week. It's about getting rest for some guys and getting fit for others. It's about taking care of business at home." (On Ned Grabavoy's injury...) "I haven't spoken to him but I think he's fine." Kyle Beckerman - Real Salt Lake Midfielder(On the result…) “Yeah, it’s tough to take. We did a lot of good things and just weren’t able to hold on there. I think five minutes was a bit much in the injury time. Maybe that could have been a bit less because we were a minute short of getting out of here with a point. But that’s just the way it goes sometimes and I thought…the way we are going to play against anybody, whether home or away, we’re going to try and come and play. We’re not going to sit in and bunker in or anything like that. We’re going to try and play and we finally scored some goals here so that will give us some confidence for next time we have to come in.” (On defending Martins and Dempsey…) “Martins—he’s an unbelievable player. His game is just so tricky, especially on this turf even more, so shifty. So it’s those guys—Martins and Dempsey—guys we have to look after. But the way we feel is the best way to defend them is when we actually have the ball. So the times we did we can keep them quiet but they’re always dangerous on the counter.” (On Nick Rimando’s performance…) “Yeah, that’s Nick; that’s what he does. When we come to places we’re going to play and sometimes the other teams are going to get some chances and Nick makes big plays for us all the time so again he did it tonight. Real Salt Lake Defender Nat Borchers(On the red card) He obviously had position, he’s alone on goal. It’s a split second decision, I think we’re tied 2-2 at the time and I definitely got him, it’s a red card. But then I think to myself Matt Besler does the same thing last week and it doesn’t even get a yellow card. At the time I thought it was the right decision to make and was just hoping to get out of here with a point at least. (On making the decision to fall Martins) It’s a tough decision; it’s the life of a center back. You have to make difficult sometimes. I felt with Obafemi being alone on goal I just had to make a decision there so obviously in retrospect if we get out of here with a point it’s the right decision. Since we don’t wrong decision for sure. I thought that we played some good soccer tonight. I though that we really moved them around and especially in the midfield they had to make some difficult decisions about who to step to and we created a lot of space. I thought that we were tactically bright and it was fun there for the second half, for a big stretch it was just an open game and I thought that we’d come out on top.