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Sounder could feel the game-winner coming

There's some reaction from Sigi Schmid and from Real Salt Lake in posts below. Here's some of what the Sounders' players had to say Friday after their 3-2 win over RSL:

Midfielder Andy Rose, who got the game-winner in stoppage time(On how he's improving...) "Just learning to time my runs. There were a few times I could have stayed back a little bit and been more patient and come onto the ball. Learning the timing-I do a lot of that at training and just enjoying scoring goals."

(On if the team felt as game-winner was coming...) "Definitely. This team always believes we can find a winner in that sort of situation. Earlier in this season we came back an awful lot, and the character of the team shines through. We felt it coming, we were pumping a lot of balls into the box. Like I said, sometimes you have to win ugly, you have to win scrappy. In the last five minutes up a man, obviously we are going to push the game and found a winner."

(On how it feels to score the winner...) "I would feel the same exact way if someone else scored the goal to be honest. We got three points and obviously LA split up the other day against Montreal, so it gives ourselves a bit of a cushion. It's a tight, tight race up there, so any opportunity to get ourselves a bit of a cushion we need to take it. At this point of the season it's a result business and three points is massive. For me I enjoy scoring goals, in soccer at the end of the day that's the main thing you need to work on, but it's the three points that matter."

(On confidence for Tuesday...) "It's huge, huge. It gives us momentum. In this league momentum is everything. We certainly believe in each other. Obviously this club has a very rich tradition in Open Cup victories, and we look to continue that. We are a very different team than we were last year-a lot of new faces. Guys want to win trophies. I've never won a trophy as a professional, so for all of us this is a big game."

Midfielder Brad Evans(On the win...) "I think before this game I was thinking about how we have to beat the good teams in order to be a championship team. Salt Lake is one of those premier teams in this league. No matter how you get the result against them it's always a positive. For us, obviously earlier in the year we showed that character and tonight was a good game for us to score that last minute goal. It shows a lot from us. I think if we can continue to do that down the stretch, especially to be able to push beyond the 90 minutes, it is a testament to the hard work the guys have put in."

(On Andy Rose...) "I think he plays that position different than Gonzo does. He is more willing to get behind defenses and push the envelope to get forward. You play 70 minutes one way sitting-Gonzo is going to sit a little bit more-then bring on someone while a man down who is going to try to stretch and impose his game. I think they did another great job of that tonight. Another goal and he is rewarded for his effort. I am proud of him, happy for him."

(On Lamar Neagle's goal...) "Ridiculous. I had an awesome view of it, right next to him. I don't know how he is able to strike the ball like that, he seems to do that a couple of times a year. When he gets ahold of it, he gets ahold of it. Phenomenal strike, ridiculous."

(On feeding off of Neagle's goal...) "Any time a big goal like that people feed off of it. Right after that you saw Oba and Clint chase after a ball and that set the tone for the next goal. A turnover with DeAndre's pressure, we win the ball, a quick one-two and again we're up 2-1. Any time something like that happens you feed off of it. You feed off the crowd's reaction and obviously when a teammate scores a goal like that it is a boost for everybody."

(On looking ahead to Open Cup...) "We have always tried to have the mindset we are going to take it one game at a time. We didn't try to look ahead to next week. Maybe if it were our first Open Cup it would be different-maybe a bit anxious to get going-but the reality is this is the fifth one and we've done this before. I think that is something we will say before that game as we've seen this situation before. We just need to play our game and play it well and hope you're on the right side of some chances and hope to get out of there with another Open Cup."

Midfielder Lamar Neagle(On Andy Rose...) "Even before the game I was like, "Come on and get your goal." That's what he does and that what he's been doing these past few games. It's good to have him and Chad Barrett, both are great coming off the bench getting goals."

(Thoughts on goal...) "Yeah, it's nice. It's been awhile. To score a goal like that maybe I've been storing that one up."

(Importance of win...) "It's huge getting a win against Real Salt Lake in this fashion is great especially going into a stretch like this. We got the U.S. Open Cup coming up next and we're getting ready for it."