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More from FIFA on CenturyLink field

A FIFA spokesperson got back to me with a few answers to questions around the story last week of the FieldTurf at CenturyLink Field being downgraded from two-stars (pro quality) to one-star (recreational quality) while awaiting results from a new test.

Q: Did CenturyLink Field's turf test out to 1-star, or was it simply downgraded for lack of a recent test? When was it dropped from 2 stars to 1 star?

A: The field was tested on 24th and 25th August to renew the 2 Star certification (only valid for 1 year).

Now the test institute is waiting for one final piece of information before they can submit the final field test report to FIFA.

Detailed information about the field can be found on our website at the online field database: (Link to Century Link Field)

Q: Representatives from the stadium and Seattle Sounders FC said they didn't know the field was dropped to 1-star. Is there a protocol where the stadium/team owners should be notified about such a change?

A: A protocol as such doesn’t exist. Each club should receive the information through the FIFA licensee or the field certificate.

This certificate shows the term of the certification period and is available online (link above).

Q: Does a 1-star designation affect the type of FIFA-sanctioned events that can be held on the field?

A: This has to be checked with each competition organiser as they are responsible for the regulations for their competition. Some competition organisers accept 1 Star fields other request 2 Star fields. Both are possible as both standards are mentioned in the Laws of the Game.