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Evans credits off-season moves for depth ... and U.S. Open Cup

Midfielder and captain Brad EvansOn being able to bring a guy like Obafemi Martins off the benchI think its credit to what we did in the offseason. To be able to bring in guys like Chad Barrett and Kenny Cooper, and to bring him and Pappa on, it’s big pieces to the puzzle. Tonight we were fortunate to bring Oba off the bench and being able to wear a team down. When he plays with Clint it provides something that I don’t think any other team has other than maybe when Donovan and Keane are playing at their best — maybe then. Otherwise, probably the best combo in MLS.

On lifting a trophy for the first time as a captainPhenomenal. It’s not something I ever thought about. I just try to show it on the field more than in the locker room. I’m not super vocal in the locker room, but on the field, I try to get guys going by leading by example with work rate. Like I said, though, the band could be on anybody’s arm and they’ll wear it with pride.

On trying to add Supporters Shield and MLS Cup for the league's first treble I think we’ll enjoy this victory and the reality is we’re in a great position to move forward. We were in the position last year, though. We had New York at home and we ended up tying. And then we picked up two points in eight games or something like that. So we learn from our mistakes and it will be another good test Saturday. I think we were a little bit lucky this game was Tuesday, especially with the overtime. The opportunity is there and now it’s up to us to push forward.

On momentum switching in the second halfI think we pushed forward and obviously we got that goal right after halftime. I think any team when you’re up 1-0 going into half, at home, you come out in the first five minutes and just try to play it tight. For the away team to come in and score, it’s going to give us a boost going into the latter part of the second half. Guys gave it their all tonight. I can’t say enough about this team.

On if the Union pushed them to another levelWe’ve always talked about this year about beating good teams and we still got to do that against L.A. and we still got to do that against a couple of team. And RSL was one of those teams. When they’re at their best, they’re one of the best teams in the league. To get a result like that against them at home, in that fashion, pushes us mentally more than anything. But yea pushed to the limits tonight against a good team — they’re probably one of the hottest teams in the East right now with them and New England. So a very good team, technical, very athletic team and to come out here and get a result in overtime says a lot about our guys.

On whether Dempsey’s 10-year career without a domestic championship came upNo. No I don’t think so. Clint’s been a team-first guy since Day One. That’s what everybody loves about him. You tell him to do something on the field, and he does it. He puts his head down and works through the overtime and I can’t say enough about that guy. He’s fun to learn from. He’s a leader.

Midfielder Gonzalo PinedaOn how he felt when the final whistle blew“I’m just very happy. Very grateful to the Sounders for giving me this opportunity to be here to be champions once more. I’m very, very happy.”

On going to CONCACAF Champions League with an MLS team“It’s great to give me the opportunity — maybe — to play against a Mexican team. It’s great for me. That will be an amazing tournament to play in and I hope I can be there.”

On Martins and Dempsey’s partnership“I think they are great players. And when you put together two great players, they can do that. It is amazing to watch, even when you’re in the field. I’m also very grateful for the opportunity to play with them because I’m a huge fan of them. They are amazing. It’s a good thing to have them.”

On what was going through his mind over the last few minutes in regulation“In Mexico, we say the champions have that kind of luck. Probably, we have that champions luck. I think that’s part of what happened. No matter what happened, you need to get the trophy and that’s what we did. I hope this can be the first of three trophies we get this year and that would be amazing.”

On keeping balance going forward“I mean this is great because motivation will be there for the next couple of games. I think that 2-3 more weeks, we can be there for the Supporter’s Shield and then we can make it through to the playoffs. So this is very important for us today. We can be loose knowing we can do that again. It’s great winning today and hopefully can win the next two trophies for the team.”