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Sounders say early goal hurt; turn attention to Dallas

Here's more from the Sounders after their 4-1 loss at New York:

Defender Jalil AnibabaOn how the quick first goal changed their game planObviously the early goal was rough. Felt that the final 25 to 30 minutes of the first half we responded well. We just tried to stay focused.

On defending Bradley Wright-PhillipsHe knows where to be at the right times, and he got fortunate on the early finish on the first goal.

On bouncing back from this gameIt's just a matter of staying positive. We're still in a great spot and the focus is on Dallas now.

On how the changes in lineup effect their chemistryNo, I think we have proven throughout the year that our chemistry is good through the whole squad. I think it's just a matter of staying positive and bouncing back.

On how the locker room chemistry enables them to bounce backWe are close knit. Staying even keel, obviously, when we're doing too well we're not riding to high, when we take rough results, we take them in stride. We're looking to do that now; luckily we have another game coming up soon.

On how the talent in the Red Bulls lineup puts pressure on their defenseIn a way, yeah. But, also, in a way it gave us a bunch of chances on the back end. It creates an open game as you saw, and unfortunately we weren't on the winning end tonight but it's about Wednesday now.

Defender Djimi TraoreOn the matchWe came here with a lot of expectations and we don't perform well. Of course the coach completely changed the lineup from the past few games, and sometimes it doesn't pay off. When we give them four goals, especially the first one from the first minute, I think that killed us, I don't think we ever came back from that first goal. I think we need to give them credit because they are a very good team, I respect them, they have good players and today they all performed well.

On Bradley Wright-PhillipsIf you are good in front of the goal it easy for you to finish, and if you see today in the three goals he scored today it's those things. He didn't do something special, he was just in the right position to finish.

On conceding their first hat-trick of the seasonWe are not happy about that. Of course we conceded four goals today, but over the couple of games we concede a couple of goals. I think if we want to go far, win MLS Cup we need to change some stuff, especially when we play away from home we start to give up some goals. You can see it just takes one mistake when you play against a good team, they can finish you. The last three games we have been a bit lucky, but today that showed why we need to work and we need to concentrate for the whole game.