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LA catches Sounders in MLS points total

MLStable0921Here are the MLS standings as they start a day that won't do anything to change them as far as the Sounders are concerned. The only league game today is Chivas at Toronto, which started at noon.

A game that very much affected the Sounders came last night, when Los Angeles came from behind to defeat Dallas, 2-1. The win brought the Galaxy even with Seattle at the top of the MLS standings, although the Sounders have a game in hand. Seattle also has the first tie-breaker: wins. And they'll want to keep it that way, as LA has the second tie-breaker: goal differential. Seattle doesn't want it to come to that, as the Galaxy is plus 28 while the Sounders are plus 11.

The LA-Dallas game also was of interested because Dallas is the Sounders' next opponent, coming up at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Frisco, Texas.