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Schmid: "We have to be a little bit tougher"

Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say tonight after the Sounders' 3-1 loss at Dallas. These may be the only quotes from the Seattle side as all Sounders were out of the locker room by the time the media was allowed in, more than a half hour after the end of the match:

Overview: We’ve been down in our last three or four games, I think we’ve taken the first goal. So that’s not a good habit to be into. We came back and equalized in the second half, I thought we had some good looks, we had some good possession, I think we had more possession than they did overall in the game. But again some individual mistakes. That good pace, ran past a few people, they scored two goals. We’ve got to stay on our feet when we defend, and we have to defend better than that.

On repeating defensive mistakes from the 4-1 loss at New York: I think losing Zach Scott hurt us. Zach’s been a very important part of our defense. He got bumped in the air. I’m not happy with that play. That was something that was going on all night where we were taking shots off the ball a little bit. But that’s the way it’s going to be in the playoffs, so we have to be a little bit tougher, a little meaner, maybe a little dirtier at times. I don’t think we were tough enough at times. That’s something that we have to address with ourselves. We’re expecting the calls, and the referees are just really letting the game go now. The third goal was a savable one for Stefan Frei, but still, they’ve only got three people in the box with a header and we lose the guy. We can’t lose the guy when there’s only three guys in the box and we’ve got like five back there.

On Zach Scott's ankle injury: Don’t know yet. The thing is locked up, so we don’t know if there’s something broken or it’s just jammed up. We don’t know. He got knocked when he was in the air and came off balance and jammed his ankle on the way down.

On quick turnaround before Chivas on Saturday: I think we have to have a roster available to us that wants to come out and beat Chivas. Everything is still in our own hands. If we win our home games we put ourselves in a very good situation. We’ve got three home games still left out of five, and the first one is Saturday and we have to be ready to win that one.

If improvement can come from personnel change or more training: We haven’t been able to train. When you play five games in 16 days you can’t really train. You can talk about a lot of things, but you can’t really train on things. … We’ll train on it, we’ll work on it, but also it’s attitude. And our mentality has to be good, our attitude has to be right. Guys have to be here in the moment, they can’t be in other places and they’ve got to be focused on what we need to do. I’m confident in the group. We have a good group, and we know that we can play better soccer than we did tonight.

On three-game road trip: It’s tough to do a 12-day road trip in the middle of the season. That’s long and it’s hard – not just physically, but it’s hard mentally. But take nothing away from Dallas. Dallas came out and played with a lot of energy. We felt that they would fatigue a little bit in the second half, which they did, and we had some opportunities, but we didn’t take advantage of it, and then we let them into the game. But certainly they were there, they were focused. You could tell it was a big game for them, an important game. I think their intensity was probably a little bit greater than ours. … But kudos to Oscar. He had his team prepared to play this way. I wish they would have played that way in LA, but they obviously played that way here.