Sounders Insider

Evans: Goal should be enough for road result

The Sounders were out of their locker room by the time the media was allowed in after FC Dallas' 3-1 win. However, the club provided these comments from captain Brad Evans:

On tonight's game...Three uncharacteristic goals from us. Obviously, the first one took a little header then a little deflection backwards and he's in on goal free. Something that hasn't happened all year, that one. Second one, we're usually good with dealing with speed in the back. For whatever reason, Escobar gets going and he gets in. For the better part of the night we were good with him, but players like that, with that kind of speed, are going to get chances and we either foul him early and take the yellow card, or we risk getting continually punished by speed down the lines so maybe just a little smarter there. The last one was just marking on a free kick and it bit us. We should be able to go on, if we score a goal, and at least get in with a tie if we want to make a push for the Suppoter's Shield and beyond. It's the kind of result we need to have away from home.

On the run of play in the second half...They were pushing forward after we scored that first goal. Obviously, an amazing strike by Lamar (Neagle) once again, and I thought Clint (Dempsey) was able to pick up the ball in the midfield and create and push forward and we had a number of chances. Personally, if I'm on top of the box I've got to pull the trigger instead of being too cute around the box. Second half turned around because we had to.